Russia attacked Kyiv for the third time in six days overnight, in the early hours of May 3, launching several kamikaze drones at the capital.

Authorities said all the drones were shot down and no damage or casualties have been reported at this time.

“According to preliminary information, all enemy targets were identified and shot down in the airspace around the capital,” it said, adding: “Sincere thanks to the air defense forces for an excellent, professional service.”

Air raid sirens sounded just after midnight in Kyiv with the alert staying in place until just before 5 a.m.

A number of explosions were reported in the capital as the drones were intercepted.

Ukraine’s Air Force Command said its forces destroyed 21 of the 26 Iranian-made Shahed drones launched by Russia, while Kyiv officials said air defence systems eliminated those sent over the city, with no initial reports of casualties or destruction.


“On the night of May 3, 2023, the Russian occupiers attacked Ukraine with Iranian-made kamikaze drones from the north (Bryansk region) and from the south – the eastern coast of the Sea of Azov,” Ukraine’s Air Force Command reported on Telegram.

“In total, the invaders used up to 26 ‘Shahed-136/131’ attack drones.”

Ukraine over the winter strengthened its air defences, including with US Patriot systems after it appealed to Western allies to help fend off Russian attacks on the energy grid.

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