Russia has said Ukraine attacked the Kremlin with drones overnight, accusing Kyiv of an assassination attempt on the life of President Putin.


"Today at night, the Kyiv regime attempted to strike the Kremlin residence of the President of the Russian Federation with unmanned aerial vehicles," the Kremlin said.


"We regard these actions as a planned terrorist act and an attempt on the life of the President of the Russian Federation."


Footage circulating on social media shows a drone flying towards the Kremlin before exploding close to a rooftop.

Ukraine has denied involvement in the attack. President Zelensky on Wednesday evening said: "We didn't attack Putin... We fight on our territory, we are defending our villages and cities."


"We don't attack Putin or Moscow. We don't have enough weapons for this," he told reporters at a press conference with Nordic leaders in Helsinki.


Shortly after news of the attack broke, a high ranking Russian official demanded "the use of weapons capable of stopping and destroying the Kyiv terrorist regime".


Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the Russian Duma and Putin ally, added. "No negotiations can take place with the regime of (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelensky."


Russia's ex-president Dmitry Medvedev later called for the "physical elimination" of Zelensky.


"After today's terrorist attack, there are no options left aside the physical elimination of Zelensky and his cabal," said Medvedev, who has been increasingly hawkish since Moscow's Ukraine offensive.


According to the statement posted by the Russian President's administration, there were no injuries reported, and the attack had no impact on Putin's work schedule.


Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin was working at his residence near Moscow on Wednesday and would still take part in a scheduled WWII Victory Day parade on Red Square next week as planned.


Moscow's mayor announced a ban on unauthorised drone flights over the Russian capital.


In a statement, mayor Sergei Sobyanin said drone flights would be prohibited unless a special permit had been obtained from "government authorities".


Authorities have tried to reassure Russians that the conflict is distant and does not pose a threat to Russian territory but a series of recent attacks are making this task increasingly more difficult. 


A recent report revealed one of the biggest fears among the Russian population currently is the fear of acts of sabotage on their own territory.


A Ukrainian military intelligence official told Kyiv Post today that this feeling will be justified until “Russian troops are withdrawn from Ukraine, war criminals are extradited, and Ukraine is compensated for the damage caused.”

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I support
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Internal attacks by Russian partisan groups or just Russian lies. If it's partisans they are showing symbolically that you are not safe Putan watch your back asshole. If it's just bullshit Russian bullshit fuck you and I hope someone gives you a statue bomb.
William Spillman
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Puny Putin continues to dig his hole. In making the false claim of a Ukrainian assassination attempt, he only displays his desperation and increasing lack of power to control what happens. What is happening now is Putin's futile attempt to control the shape of his failure as it circles the toilet bowl before being flushed from significance. In the future history of Russia, Putin will be remembered as Russia's biggest mistake.
Susan "Sue" Storm-Richards
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so the socalled attack occured during the night, so past midnight
putin is a libra and these people are very lazy, so putin wasnt working at that time of hour but was fucking his just adult mistress
so why would Ukraine attack past midnight knowing for certain that this putin isnt there?
Ukraine is far more clever than putin and his cronies, so they wouldnt attack in the night
if ever had the putin gang worked nights after nights in the preparation of February 24 2022 they would have achieved something, but now they are on the backfoot for months
so no this is not a Ukraine attack but the umpteenth in a row of blunders and obvious fakes by kremlin
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This news of drones attacking Putin has been met with a stern response from the Kremlin, with Russian officials warning Ukraine of dire consequences. However, the irony of the situation cannot be ignored. It was not too long ago that the Kremlin was allegedly involved in a plot to kill Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the beginning of the war.
However, the absurdity lies in the fact that the Kremlin would threaten Ukraine over an alleged assassination attempt when it had allegedly attempted to do the same not too long ago. The attempt to kill President Zelenskyy was reportedly made in 2019, just a few months after he took office. This was during a time when the conflict between the two countries was at its peak.
Essentially the Kremlin is stating we can destroy your cities, kill your elected officials, steal and kill your children but don’t you dare do the same to us. For the West to even contemplate allowing such nonsense is absurd to say the least.
Peter Miles
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To me it's an obvious, and very weak, attempt at a "false flag" event. The "explosion is barely worthy of the name, why are there two people climbing the dome on the left side at this exact time (carrying fire extinguishers in case something went wrong is my guess), why was somebody in position waiting to film it (the film wobbles too much to be CCTV, it's a hand held camera), why even after this "attack" is the victory parade still going ahead and are Moscow's air defences really that pathetic?
The last last may well be the case but the others convince me this is a fake attack.

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@Peter Miles,
Jack Griffin
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Why would Ukraine waste resources by such a strike. If it was Ukraine, that dome would no longer exist. Last night Ukraine struck a petroleum tank farm in Russia due south of the Kerch Strait and a Antonov An-124 transport aircraft at Seshcha Airfield, near Dubrovka, Bryansk Oblast, some 150 kilometers (94 miles) into Mother Russia. Ukraine focuses on military strategic targets.
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The United States is sending Ukraine another $300 million in military aid, with the official announcement expected today. The United States has contributed over $47 billion in military aid to Ukraine , compared to just over $3 billion from the entire European Union. President Biden must demand that the EU pay its fair share and match U.S. spending dollar for dollar. The EU needs to pay up!

Russia's war on Ukraine is on Europe's doorstep, not the U.S. and it affects Europe substantially more than it affects the United States. So why is it that the U.S. has given more military, financial, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine than all other countries in the world combined?

Slava Ukraini!

Hope Lives Here:

Q-Anal, Highest Security Level
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@ThoughtLife.God, what a giga great nonsense comment again from this one with the great abuser of god in his tagname
we read newspapers, the rest of the EU has about the same amount of money given to Ukraine
keep your childish listing and critics towards the EU for yourself
throught this help they even reached the nato 2 %
you are a parrot
and keep god out of the story
the abuse of allah god, jahweh sjaman shiva hotei, and etc by people for every kind of reason brought sofar nothing to mankind
shut up about god, it is the cause of all suffering in the world
William Spillman
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@ThoughtLife.God, you seem to revel in death for no reason other than to support evil. Your tiny messiah, Putin the fool, has betrayed you. If you continue to follow him to disaster, then you will be the greater fool. As a servant of Satan, of course you realize this.
Jacques Willemen
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the camera is not a cctv, but some one is holding it when drunk of botchka, there is noise of the surroundings, but there is no noise of the drone or no noise of the explosion
the socalled drone is already inside the walls of the socalled kriminalin, of which it is said months ago that there is a wall of flak against drones
so flak and radar forgot to detect the drone over the the vast city of sunken moskva, or even outside the city of sunken moskva
so the video is faker then fake
geneocidalrasshistuntermenschen, gru  fascistsovjetbarbarics, fsb
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rasshist is a childish bully
starts a three war which is now in its over 430 days as the second army inthe world against a much smaller country and when the attacked country strikes back in the cold stone heart of rasshist its starts whining and crying
jee, Germany, Netherlands and France are rightfull to wage a language war against Belgium because of internal language battle over there????????!!!!!!! language genocide in Belgium???????!!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW