The press secretary of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalin, has said the war in Ukraine cannot be won "by trench advancements on the battlefield", claiming an end to the war could be achieved through a new security agreement between the two global blocs.

"This is the impression I got during my meeting with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin," he said in an interview on the Haberturk TV channel on Sunday, May 7, adding: “He (Putin) said, they have no intention of continuing this war forever.

“But the major question on the table is what an honorable way out for both sides will be."

He added: “It is not possible to say that Russia has won, and it is not possible to say that Ukraine has won too.”

Kalin also expressed doubts about the parties’ willingness to negotiate and suggested that the war should end through a new security agreement between the two global blocs.


Kyiv would view any loss of territory to Russia as a huge blow and has consistently declared its stated goal as the successful liberation of all Russian-occupied territory.

He also claimed the war in Ukraine is not a conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but rather a new Cold War between Russia and the West.

“My own analysis, which I received after a conversation with Putin, is not a war between Ukraine and Russia. This is Cold War 2.0,” he concluded.

Kalin visited Moscow in April and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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