A Russian missile, presumably “Iskander,” hit a three-storey residential building in the Saltiv District of Kharkiv on August 17, destroying it and causing a big fire.

According to the latest data from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, seven people were found dead under rubble, and 17 were injured, including an 11-year-old child.

On the morning of August 18, the enemy launched eight more rockets from the Russian city of Belgorod towards Kharkiv Region.

Missile hits were recorded on the Kholodnohirsky and Slobidsky Districts of Kharkiv. Buildings and infrastructure were damaged and fires started.

As a result of Russian shelling of Kharkiv on August 17-18, at least nine people were killed and 35 wounded. Two people died and two were injured near Krasnohrad, which is 106 km from Kharkiv.


Oleh Sinehubov, mayor of Kharkiv said:

“Last night was one of the most tragic for Kharkiv Region during the entire war. The Russians launched massive rocket attacks on Kharkiv. Peaceful residential areas with civilians came under attack from Russian terrorists.”

Kharkiv’s line of defense is 30 kilometers from the city center and 20 kilometers from Saltiv District in the city’s north, which receives the majority of attacks from the Russian army on Kharkiv. The  enemy is now close enough to enable the firing of missiles from nearby Belgorod that reach Kharkiv.

Ukrainian military expert Oleh Zhdanov told the news marathon on the Freedom TV channel that “This is a diversionary maneuver to withdraw part of Ukrainian forces from the eastern direction, to create the illusion of the main strike, that they are moving their forces to the Kharkiv direction to capture the city, but we understand that the number of troops is not sufficient for them to be able to at least reach to Kharkiv,” the expert underlined.

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He added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding back the enemy offensive, but the distance the invaders have come enables their artillery and rockets to reach Kharkiv.

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