The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has identified six residents of Kyiv accused of illegally disseminating information about the work of Ukrainian air defense forces during the recent massive Russian attack on Kyiv.

On the night of May 16, the detainees allegedly conducted “unauthorized photo and video recordings of the work of the Ukrainian air defense and posted relevant materials on social networks,” the SBU said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Among other things – the figures recorded the results of the defeat of Russian cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. By doing so, they could reveal the location and specifics of the domestic air defense system.

“Within minutes, the videos were ‘picked up’ by numerous TV channels and Russian propaganda [entities] controlled by the special services of the aggressor country,” the SBU added.


Additionally, the SBU cyber specialists blocked the work of online cameras, which automatically recorded the work of the Ukrainian air defense.

“According to the investigation, the discovered video cameras are on the balance sheet of several commercial structures [in the capital]. At the same time, access to the footage was open to a wide range of ‘users’ who posted the video of the night attack on Kyiv in the public domain on YouTube. 

“The information obtained in this way could be used by the occupiers to correct repeated air strikes on the Ukrainian capital," the SBU said.

Now is the Time to Intensify the Battle for Democracy
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Now is the Time to Intensify the Battle for Democracy

The good news from the US should be the stimulus for energizing joint efforts within the democratic world to stand up to Russia and the dangerous tyranny and chauvinism it represents.

During urgent investigative actions, mobile phones and computer equipment which they used to distribute banned content have been seized at their residences.

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