The Pentagon has confirmed that a Patriot air defense system damaged in a Russian missile attack on Kyiv earlier this week has already been repaired.

Speaking on Thursday, Pentagon deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh, said: "I can confirm that one Patriot system was damaged, but it has now been repaired and is fully operational.”

She did not specify the exact damage the unit suffered, saying only it was minor.

On Tuesday the Russian defense ministry said that the overnight missile barrage had hit all of the targets assigned by its military and that its long-range precision-strike missiles had been targeted against storage facilities housing "ammunition, weapons and military equipment supplied by Western countries.”

On Tuesday evening, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu went further in addressing the specific claims about the six downed hypersonic missiles, saying: “Russia has not launched as many Kinzhals as (Ukraine) says it has shot down.” Shoigu added: “A high-precision strike by the hypersonic Kinzhal missile hit a US-made Patriot anti-aircraft missile system in the city of Kyiv.”

Russia’s claims to have destroyed western- supplied advanced weapons since the earliest days of the war. In May 2022 it claimed to have destroyed a major consignment of Western arms in Ukraine’s Zhytomyr region, west of Kyiv, using sea-launched Kalibr cruise missiles and in July, shortly after the delivery of HIMARS rockets to Ukraine had been confirmed, Russia claimed to have destroyed two HIMARS launchers; claims that were later shown to be false.

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Defense of Ukraine @DefenceU
TWEET: “Bang bang, we shot them down. Bang bang, all 18 missiles and 9 drones, including the Kinzhals. Thank you, USA, for our beloved Patriots!”

The Patriot System is much better than I anticipated. Wow! Really effective! The video in the above tweet reads, QUOTE: “On the night of May 16, Russia launched 27 missiles and drones at Kyiv. Our air defenses shot down every single one, including the “invincible” Kinzhals. American-made Patriot missiles found them quite vincible. Remember Western aid saves Ukrainian lives.” UNQUOTE

I'd say Ukraine could use a few more Patriots. It's time for Putin to throw in the towel. The sooner Putin understands that the West will never allow Russia to win, the sooner the war will end.

Slava Ukraini!


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