Serhiy Haidai, head of the Luhansk regional military administration, has said that “The soldiers of the so-called ‘LPR’ refuse to liberate” the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic because their leadership has already declared victory in the war for the Luhansk region,” reported in his Telegram channel.

Haidai noted that soldiers of the Luhansk People’s Republic  refuse to go and carry out orders on the territory of “fraternal people” – the neighbouring Russia-led Donetsk People’s Republic. They complain that using threats, intimidation, blackmail, and deception, they are trying to drive them into the DPR, although the territory of the LPR has already been “liberated”.

He added that mobilization measures had been stepped up in those territories  occupied by Russian forces. This is due not only to losses incurred by the invaders at the front but also due to the lack of motivation to fight.

Russian troops are conducting a massive offensive in Luhansk Region from the side of the Lysychansk oil refinery. Ukrainian defenders forced them to retreat six times on Monday, August 15. Fighting continues to this day in three more areas on the border of the Luhansk region and Donetsk region, the. This morning, Russian invaders are shelling populated areas and positions with artillery. Four tank attacks and four airstrikes were carried out during the night alone.

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The Institute for the Study of War has reported that there is a split in the Russian forces fighting in Ukraine.

The ISW refers to a video clip published on August 15 by some media outlets, in which soldiers of the 2740 battalion of the LPR refuse to fight for the DPR. They said that they celebrated victory on July 3, when the LPR groups approached the borders of  Luhansk Region, and that their work was done.

ISW analysts note that this indicates a tendency of reduced motivation on the part of the LPR to support Russia’s war in Ukraine.


“This trend is particularly dangerous to Russian forces seeking to recruit still more new soldiers from Luhansk Oblast to make up for recent losses. A further division within Russian-led forces also threatens to further impede the efficiency of the Russian war effort,” ISW reported.

It added that DPR units have previously recorded similar appeals when operating in Luhansk, Kharkiv, and Kherson Regions, which may indicate that proxy troops may not fully support the Kremlin’s expansive invasion plans.

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