On Monday morning, the Russians shelled the Saltiv district of Kharkiv, injuring 7 people. One more person has since died in hospital and one of the injured is in a serious condition.

According to Kharkiv’s mayor, Ihor Terekhov, the Russian missile that landed near a bus stop had come from a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher.  A nine-story building was also hit and an office building in the Saltiv district of Kharkiv was on fire.

Source: State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations in Kharkiv – August 15.

The death of one of the wounded civilians was reported on Facebook by Serhiy Bolvinov, head of the Kharkiv region’s National Police Department.

According to police, Russian troops fired 122-mm unguided rockets at the residential area of Saltiv district. These weapons are designed for general fire support, to cause damage to personnel, armored vehicles, and unarmored vehicles, field fortifications.


Kharkiv’s line of defense is 30 kilometers from the city center and 20 kilometers from the northern Saltiv district. The proximity of the enemy means that Kharkiv is a frequent and easily reached target.

Ukrainian military expert Oleg Zhdanov commented about the attack on Kharkiv during the T.V. marathon on the “Freedom” channel.

“This is a diversionary maneuver designed to withdraw part of Ukrainian forces from the eastern direction, to create the illusion of a major strike, that they are moving their forces in the direction of Kharkiv direction to capture the city, but we understand that there are not several such troops there that would be able to at least reach to Kharkiv,” the expert noted.

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He added that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding back the enemy offensive, but the distance the invaders have come towards Kharkiv does allow their artillery and rockets to reach the city and this is a tense situation.

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