Weeks after news spread that Belarus has had a host of unusual flights originating from Russia, including military pilots doing training and paratroopers arriving, news has come that Belarussian military bases are being equipped with new technologies with which an attack could be launched against Ukraine.

According to Belarussian observers, widely circulated on Ukrainian Telegram channels, there is evidence, from satellite photographs, of:

10-14 S-400 Triumph SAMS, 3 Kasta-2E2s, and Podlet Radars. This is in addition to the 2 Pantsir SAMs currently located at the Zyabrovka Airfield.

S-300/400 air defense systems, with roughly 15-60 missiles, were spotted in the vicinity.

It is said that the Russian Air Force’s Il-76 aircraft were sighted bringing in the missiles that are required for the S-400s.


The collection of this type of equipment could indicate coming air raids.

Belarus, which is a mere 150 KMs from the Ukrainian capital, is thought to be a likely staging ground to either the capital city, or to Western Ukraine – by which a great deal of the foreign assistance enters Ukraine. As this war has demonstrated, maintaining the constant flow of armaments and fuel from the West is key for Ukraine’s victory – something that Russia is undoubtedly considering how to interrupt.

Belarussian President, Alexander Lukashenko, has seemingly refused to send his soldiers to join Russia in the invasion of Ukraine. Though a great deal of Russian attacks originated in Ukraine, thus far, Minsk has successfully kept its citizens out of participation in this war. According to statistics from Chatham House, only 3% of Belarussians support directly attacking Ukraine.

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