A Russian missile on Friday, May 26, struck a medical facility in the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro, killing one and injuring 25, including two children. 


Russian terrorists once again confirm their status of fighters against everything humane and honest. A rocket attack on a clinic in the city of Dnipro. As of now, one person was killed and 15 were wounded," Ukraine's President Zelensky reported via Telegram. 


Zelensky said that rescuers were working at the scene to clear debris and rescue victims.


The shelling aftermath is being eliminated and the victims are being rescued. All necessary services are involved. My condolences to the family of the deceased," Ukraine's President said.


We must defeat these inhumans irrevocably and as soon as possible. Because our time is our people. And our people are the most precious thing in Ukraine," he added. 


Local media posted video footage of rescuers helping people with blood on their faces escape from the clinic through corridors full of rubble.

Ruscist beasts hit a medical facility. There are injured people, the head of the regional military administration Sergiy Lysak wrote earlier on Telegram.


Lysak said that the information is currently being verified and cautioned against the dissemination of false information.

Earlier, before the attack was reported, explosions were heard throughout the city even before the air-raid alarm sounded, according to correspondents from Suspilny, who shared the information via Telegram.


Only after the first explosion was an air-raid alert was issued for the city.


Local Telegram channels later conveyed news of a massive fire erupting at the suspected target location. The full extent of the damage and the number of casualties are yet to be confirmed.


World Health Organization member countries on May 24 in Geneva Switzerland voted in favor of a resolution condemning Russia’s continued war against Ukraine and its attacks on health care services.


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Jack Griffin
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Russian war criminal terrorist BASTARDS!

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Why do such a thing madness.

Jacques WIllemen
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and by shutting their mouth wide open china, india brasil, south africa and etc. approve this terrorist action by nazi fascist satanic rasshist and his fascist nazi satanic leader terrorist vladolf putler
china, brasil india south africa and etc are as well nazi fascist satanic terrorist countries

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@Jacques WIllemen,

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unfortunately it is the inept government of South Africa who are so far up Pooptins bottom, that is so sickening. Many of us are very staunch supporters of Ukraine. Slava Ukraini.

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Today Russia attacked a medical clinic in Dnipro. At least one person has died, and 15 were injured. Under the Geneva Convention, this is a war crime. Geneva Convention IV extends protection to civilian medical units. Any violation of this protection – including attacks “causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health” will be considered a “grave breach” or a “war crime” and could lead to individual criminal responsibility under international law.

The following 10 countries still support Russia's war on Ukraine. I'm of the opinion that by way of supporting Russia, these countries also support the bombing of this medical clinic. Furthermore by standing with Russia these countries also support shelling apartment buildings, targeting civilians, bombing maternity wards, children hospitals, kindergartens, theaters and art schools, primary schools and even churches. And by standing with Russia, these countries support the killings of civilians including hundreds of children. Remember these 10 countries.

1. Belarus
2. Iran
3. North Korea
4. Syria
5. China
6. India
7. Myanmar
8. Eritrea
9. Mali
10. Nicaragua

Don't forget to pray for Ukraine!
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