According to the US State Department, Ukraine has the right and opportunity to reclaim the territories currently under occupation by Russia and reinstate its internationally recognized borders it had when it became independent in 1991. State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller made the statement  during a briefing in Washington on May 25. 

Miller was responding to the question of whether US assistance is aimed at “restoring Ukraine’s 1991 borders.”

“We believe that Ukraine has the opportunity and the right – and we support Ukraine in protecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Miller said.

He said this applied to all temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, including Crimea. Miller said that the US strongly denounces the agreements between Moscow and MinskBelarus regarding the placement of Russian tactical nuclear weapons within Belarusian territory. 


Sources in the White House told the British publication The Times at the end of March that the American authorities would seek Ukraine’s return to its internationally recognized borders declared upon gaining independence in 1991.

According to The Times, the Biden administration believes that reaching a compromise resolution – allowing Russia to continue occupying part of Ukraine – could set a bad example  China might follow.

Some US officials are convinced that if Russia doesn’t face a decisive defeat in Ukraine, it could potentially encourage China to consider invading Taiwan.

Why Russia Cannot be Allowed to Win Against Ukraine
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Why Russia Cannot be Allowed to Win Against Ukraine

“There is a war going on in Ukraine for the future of the whole of Europe:” Finnish Defense Minister, Antti Häkkänen, Dec. 24, 2023
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I know very difficult and hard to grasp that I'm not there so the fear must be overwhelming for Ukraine. All I can say is your a brave people and I hope you crush the vermin