The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained an alleged Russian agent serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) who is accused of feeding sensitive information to Moscow’s security services.

“Military counterintelligence and SBU investigators exposed another potential traitor in a multi-faceted special operation in the frontline areas of Ukraine. The suspect was a Bakhmut resident,” a statement from the SBU said.

He was allegedly recruited by Nikita Klimovsky, a representative of Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) prior to the full-scale invasion.

After Russia attacked Ukraine from numerous directions on Feb. 24, 2022, Klimovsky allegedly tasked his agent with informing Russia about the consequences of air strikes on Bakhmut. Russian forces were also interested in the coordinates of bridge crossings in the Ukrainian city and its surroundings.


Later, the Russian agent was tasked with traveling to the Dnipropetrovsk region and enrolling in a Ukrainian military unit, where he collected information on the number of personnel and available weapons, according to the SBU.

The suspect also allegedly passed information to Russia about possible visits to the garrison by representatives of the AFU high command.

The SBU is checking information regarding the preparation of possible acts of sabotage against AFU officers.

The suspect also allegedly tried to identify the locations of Ukrainian air defense systems and the latest Western weapons.

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The Need for a War Strategy

Lamentations, condemnations and international court rulings are all well and good, but Ukraine needs a victory, and right now it needs shells and F16s.

Ukrainian military counterintelligence officers and SBU investigators claim the suspect used the Telegram messenger service to communicate with the GRU.

During the searches, the SBU found two mobile phones, one of which he used only to communicate with his Russian handlers.

Based on the evidence collected, SBU investigators have served the detainee a suspicion notice on high treason committed under martial law. The suspect is currently in custody and faces life imprisonment.

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Jorge O Soriano
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Excellent job by SBU to catch this Russian agent and determine damage assessment. Better late than not at all. How many more moles still inside? SBU is coming for you next!
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Parade the swine in the main street.
I support
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You are a real bastard if found to be guilty let the mothers of dead Ukrainian soilders of bakhmut have at it.
Steven Griffin
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This traitor needs to experience a short drop followed by a quick stop.