Despite Shoigu’s threats of striking “decision-making centers in Kyiv,” Ukrainian forces struck and damaged a key automobile bridge to the Crimea Peninsula with long-range missiles reportedly of British/French origin, on Thursday June 22, in the latest Ukrainian attack against vital Russian military logistics routes.

Local residents reported three explosions at around 5 a.m. on the E105 highway near the town of Chonhar. This is a stretch of causeway, over a 100-meter-wide inlet from the Sea of Azov, an area that is salt marsh saturated with water even in dry seasons.

The following night, June 23, the Russian side launched 13 missiles, which were intercepted by Ukrainian air defense forces.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of the Wagner PMC, stated that yet another 'red line crossing' went without a response from Russian authorities.


“We haven’t had any red lines for a long time; we only have brown stains on our pants. Every time the enemy [Ukrainian Army] strikes our territory, I make up stories about nighttime missile strikes that usually hit transformers without causing any damage to the enemy,” said the head of Wagner.

A Russian proxy in the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, accused Kyiv of carrying out the bridge strike on a significant day for Russia, which marks the invasion of the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany. He also threatened to launch strikes on bridges in the Odesa region and Moldova.

Ukraine Updates Its Progress Within the Five Pillars of Mine Action
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Ukraine Updates Its Progress Within the Five Pillars of Mine Action

Landmine contamination in Ukraine is mind-boggling, but Kyiv is slowly attacking the problem in the three main areas of the UN’s five pillars.


 "Today, June 22, what does it symbolize? That the beginning of the end for the Kyiv regime is near, and there will be another 'fiery greeting.' The coordinates of the bridges in the Odesa region and the Moldovan Giurgiulesti, which were originally part of Ukraine... We have access to all these coordinates, so a very serious response will be given soon," he stated.


Russian ultra-nationalist Igor Strelkov also criticized the Russian leadership’s lack of reaction to the Ukrainians crossing “red lines”:

Medvedev [President of Russain Federation (2008-2012), the deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia] promised the esteemed Kyiv partners a strike on their ‘decision-making centers’ if they crossed the ‘red lines.’ The partners didn’t pay attention and crossed the ‘red lines.’ Medvedev quietly retreated," Strelkov wrote on his Telegram.


"Shoigu promised the esteemed partners in Kyiv a strike on their 'decision-making centers' if they crossed the 'red lines.' The partners didn't listen and crossed the 'red lines.' Shoigu has quietly retreated," he added.

“Now it’s the president’s turn. But since he’s not in charge of military matters, maybe he’ll keep quiet... He has eco-tourism and many celebrations.” 

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Bomb Russia
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The Ukrainians need to quietly go through the Russian forest and attack the Kremlin and as many government buildings in Moscow and St. Petersburg as they can. Then drop leaflets all over those cities stating that they are trying to remove Putin and the dictatorship. Rise up now against them and a free Russia will be a strong Russia.
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It's Time to address the nuclear power station...SAS and Marines to immediately clear it.

Russia can't think straight , better to go in now than have to respond with smashing Russias military and unleasing thier chaotic responses!
George Washington
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Russia is sending untrained men into combat... most don't even have diapers!
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Unlike most people, I can see far into the future.
Belarus sticks out into NATO like a sore thumb. While Mother Russia is in the midst of a civil war, Ukraine, now of the strength of France, Germany and Great Britain, will use some of its 500,000 strong army to liberate the country.
Welcome to NATO and the EU Belarus!