On June 26, the criminal case of organizing an armed rebellion against the head of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, has not been terminated and is still being investigated by the investigative department of the Russian federal security service (FSB) – reported by Russian state news agencies.


On the evening of June 24, Russian Presidential Spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov announced that the case against Prigozhin would be closed. However, the Prosecutor General’s Office has not officially announced this decision.


In addition to the statement about the termination of Prigozhin’s prosecution, Putin’s spokesperson also said that the Wagner PMC leader would “go to Belarus” following the agreement between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko.



It’s unknown where Prigozhin is now. There has been no new information from him since the evening of June 24. His last public appearance was also dated Saturday evening when the head of the Wagner fighters was leaving the headquarters of the southern military district in Rostov-on-Don.


Prigozhin’s press service last released an audio message at 20:25 on June 24. In this audio, Prigozhin said that the Wagner PMC was turning its convoys around and returning to its “field camps.”


Peskov said, “The Russian authorities will not prosecute those Wagner members who took part in the mutiny, given their front-line merits.” Some of the private military company fighters, “which initially refused to participate in Prigozhin's march, will sign contracts with the ministry of defense,” Putin’s spokesman said.

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