The Prosecutor Generals Office announced that it has given a notice of suspicion to lawmaker Serhii Alekseyev for receiving a bribe. The announcement was made through the Telegram channel of the Prosecutor Generals Office on Friday, June 30.

Although the name of the accused parliamentarian is not explicitly mentioned, various media outlets have reported that the individual in question is Serhii Alekseyev, a parliamentarian affiliated with the European Solidarity party.


The suspects place of residence is being searched. The investigation suggests that the Peoples Deputy fraudulently obtained $50,000 from a German citizen.


The Security Service of Ukraine has also reported that the parliamentarian allegedly offered the foreigner assistance in evading extradition. The lawmaker claimed to have connections within the court system and guaranteed to overturn the State Migration Services decision to deny refugee status for the foreigner.



Investigators claim to have evidence of the suspect receiving $30,000, and are aware that the suspect had previously received an additional $20,000.


The decision regarding bail is currently being determined.


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