The UN’s atomic watchdog said it saw anti-personnel mines at the site of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant which is occupied by Russian forces.

Europe’s largest nuclear facility fell to Russian forces shortly after the invasion of Ukraine in February last year and Kyiv and Moscow have since accused each other of planning an incident at the site.

On July 23 International Atomic Energy Agency experts “saw some mines located in a buffer zone between the site’s internal and external perimeter barriers,” agency chief Rafael Grossi said in a statement on Monday.

The statement did not say how many mines the team had seen.

The devices were in “restricted areas” that operating plant personnel cannot access, Grossi said, adding the IAEA’s initial assessment was that any detonation “should not affect the site’s nuclear safety and security systems”.


Laying explosives at the site was “inconsistent with the IAEA safety standards and nuclear security guidance” and created additional psychological pressure on staff, he added.

Last week the IAEA said its experts had carried out inspections at the plant, without “observing” the presence of any mines, although they had not been given access to the rooftops of the reactor buildings.

The IAEA had still not been given access to the roofs of the reactor buildings and their turbine halls, its latest statement said.

Invisible Wounds of War: Mental Health Challenges in Ukraine
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Invisible Wounds of War: Mental Health Challenges in Ukraine

Millions of Ukrainians need help to face the psychological difficulties caused by Russia’s war against their country and the long-term effects.

After falling into Russian hands, Europe’s biggest power plant was targeted by gunfire and has been severed from the grid several times, raising fears of a major nuclear accident.

The six reactor units, which before the war produced around a fifth of Ukraine’s electricity, have been shut down for months.

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I support
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I agree Russia should not be on the security council as should any nation that invades another country and commits war crimes. The world is being held hostage by this mafia nation. Is any body sick of this bullshit yet.
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One thing this invasion has shown, is the toothlessness of the bodies entrusted with maintaining international standards. The International Red Cross failed to visit Olenivka, even after Azov prisoners were murdered there, nor was it diligent in helping Ukrainians survive the flooding and damage caused by the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. The UN continues to validate Russian vetoes. What is the point of these institutions if they are so easily brushed aside by an aggressor? The Ukrainian resistance has exposed so many flaws in systems we thought we could rely on.