Italian senators on Wednesday voted to recognise as “genocide” the 1930s starvation of millions in Ukraine under Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, a move welcomed by Kyiv.

The resolution, passed by 130 votes in favour, none against and four abstentions, follows a similar text agreed by the lower parliamentary chamber’s foreign affairs commission in February.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba offered his thanks, posting “Grazie mille” (thank you very much) on Twitter, the social media platform undergoing a rebranding to X.

“This important step restores historical justice, honours millions of victims, and warns future generations against the crime of genocide,” he wrote.

The 1932-33 “Holodomor” -- Ukrainian for “death by starvation” -- is regarded by Kyiv as a deliberate act of genocide by Stalin’s regime with the intention of wiping out the peasantry.


Stalin’s campaign of forced “collectivisation” seized grain and other foodstuffs and left millions to starve.

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This is good but let's just call the current situation for what it is as well genocide if these asshole gangsters won what do you think will happen? Government will be murdered don't forget at the beginning they tried to kill Zelensky soldiers will be murdered they have already bombed civilians and murdered and tortured them as well. The Ukraine is fighting for its life and there loved ones because they know what will happen. Nato must help these people with everything they have. The fact that the Ukraine is fighting an offensive with out airsuppot shows how much they are willing to go to protect their people from these orcs. If the unthinkable happens will Nato just watch the evil that will be unleashed on the Ukraine people. We cannot allow that to happen.