In a poll released this week by Rating Group, a Ukrainian sociological research company with a headquarters in Kyiv, indicated that Ukrainians are extraordinarily optimistic about the future of their country.

According to the poll, only 13% of the nation felt that “things were going the wrong direction” and a whopping 73% felt that things were “going the right direction,” which was down slightly from the record high of 80% saying that things were going well, this past April.

Interestingly, despite such high optimism that Ukraine was headed down the right path, 85% said that the economic situation in the country had “definitely” or “rather” worsened over the past six months.

However, despite a dour assessment of the preceding half a year, only 25% thought that the economy would “certainly” or “slightly” worsen in the next half a year.


65% of respondents said that they had work before the war, of which, only 34% said that they were now continuing to work as before. 19% said they were now working remotely and 6% said they had found a new job. However, 39% described themselves as currently being out of a job.

The highest self-described unemployment is found in the south (39%) and east (57%) of the country, which is down from a March 2022 peak of 56% and 74%, respectively.

Ukrainians were pragmatic in coming to terms with the disarray of the national economy and the lack of jobs. 57% said they would keep their job, even if their salary decreased “significantly.”

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Only 9% said their salary had increased and 43% said their salary had not changed since the start of the war. However, 19% said they had seen their income reduced by 10-25%; 11% by 25-50%; and 11% by more than 50%. Of those with reduced salaries, 76% said that they understood that cutting their salary was “a forced step” due to the current situation in Ukraine.

Only 28% said they would like to go abroad for work, versus 70% who would like to avoid leaving Ukraine. Likewise, 90% said they would not like to see foreign residence, versus 9% who would like foreign residence.

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