In their first joint international TV interview, which aired last night, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and First Lady Olena Zelenska spoke with British Talk TV host Piers Morgan.

According to preview clips shared on Twitter by Talk TV and Piers Morgan, the couple spoke of how the war has affected their marriage and the United States and Britain support for Ukraine.

The visit of US Vice President Joe Biden to Ukraine, according to Zelensky, would send “the strongest signal in support of Ukraine.”

Zelensky told Morgan in a sneak peek video, “I believe this would be a great signal, a big signal. Everyone sees Ukraine’s attitude toward the US. This would be the highest support.”

When asked if he had any advice for the new British prime minister, Zelensky responded in a different preview clip that he would be delighted to collaborate closely and uphold the close ties with the UK that Ukraine benefited greatly from under the leadership of the current acting prime minister, Boris Johnson.


Zelensky said, “Whoever is the leader, the highest level of support will be provided from the Ukraine,”

Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister, and foreign secretary Liz Truss, are contesting to lead the Conservative Party and serve as Prime Minister to the United Kingdom.

The president of Ukraine also revealed he had “no right to play in politics inside the UK” when questioned about his support for a potential Boris Johnson re-election campaign. Zelensky, however, praised Johnson as a “great friend to Ukraine” and expressed the optimism that Johnson would continue to hold some sort of political position.

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Zelensky further argued “I don’t want him to disappear, but the decision is in the hands of the British people.”

The presidential duo also claimed that the difficulties brought on by the war had strengthened their marriage.

“I agree with the theory that marriage gets stronger with challenges. I think in our case, it would be the same,” stated Zelenska.


The president, joked “I have only one wife and I am happy.”

In a light-hearted moment, the first lady revealed that she learned her husband would run for president of Ukraine while watching his presidential campaign announcement on TV on December 31, 2018.

“He forgot [to tell me],” Zelenska exclaimed. “I saw his New Year’s address and found out he was actually running!” she said.

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