In Zelensky’s latest address on Wednesday evening, July 27, the Ukrainian President commented on the appointment of the new Prosecutor General and provided an update on Kherson and other important matters. 

Read the President’s full address below:

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

A brief report on the passing day.

First of all, about the Antonivsky bridge in Kherson and other crossings in the region. Of course, they will all be rebuilt, but by us already.

We are doing everything to ensure that the occupiers do not have any logistical opportunities on our land.

Whatever plans they have, we will disrupt them. And we will liberate our territory with military, diplomatic and all other available means until we reach the legal borders of Ukraine.


Second, today the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the appointment of a new Prosecutor General, Andriy Kostin. The person is decent, professional, he knows how to work systematically. Society considers the provision of everything necessary to hold Russia accountable for the war as one of his most important tasks. This is cooperation with the International Criminal Court, with partner states that help identify specific culprits among the Russian military; this is the recording of the facts of the crimes committed by the occupiers, ensuring the formation of an evidentiary base for the criminal prosecution of every war criminal. The Prosecutor General’s Office is one of the key institutions working to hold all Russian murderers and torturers accountable for their crimes against Ukrainians.

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Third, we are preparing to increase our export of electricity to consumers in the European Union. Despite such a war, we ensured the connection of the energy grid of Ukraine to the energy system of the entire Europe in record time. Our exports allow us not only to earn foreign currency, but also to help our partners withstand Russian energy pressure.

We will gradually make Ukraine one of the guarantors of European energy security thanks to our domestic electricity production.


Fourth, we are preparing for very important political and diplomatic events scheduled for the second half of this week. First of all, this concerns tomorrow’s celebration of the Day of Ukrainian Statehood. But not only that. There will be more events, there will be more news. Every week we strengthen our state, every week we do things that bring us closer to the European Union, and every week we provide additional forces to confront Russia.

Fifth, a joint meeting of the International Sanctions Group was held today under the leadership of Andriy Yermak and Michael McFaul with the participation of representatives of the Ukrainian Parliament – the leadership of the Verkhovna Rada, factions and groups. New solutions are being developed that will increase the price for the war for Russia. In particular, there is an initiative to strengthen responsibility at the level of the European Union for evasion of sanctions and an initiative on mandatory disclosure of information about any business contacts, joint ownership of corporate rights and property with citizens of Russia. The Yermak-McFaul sanctions group will coordinate its work with representatives of our parliament.


And one more thing.

During the full-scale war, I awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to 160 Ukrainian warriors. And among them is one of the most effective Ukrainian pilots, Major Oleksandr Kukurba. In April, in the Mariyinsky Palace, in the White Hall of Heroes of Ukraine, I presented the Gold Star Order to him. Major Kukurba died in battle yesterday. It was his hundredth combat sortie. A real Ukrainian hero whom we will always remember.

Eternal memory to all who died for Ukraine!

Glory to everyone who defends our state!

Glory to Ukraine!

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