According to the results of a poll from July 6-20, 2022 by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS), one-tenth of Ukrainians agree to cede territories to Russia in order to end the war. However, 84% of citizens are against any territorial concessions.

Compared to May, when 82% of citizens believed that it is impossible to lose territory, the mood of the population has practically not changed.

KIIS notes that respondents from eastern countries and Russian-speaking Russians in Ukraine are more inclined to territorial concessions. In May, 19% of citizens from eastern Ukraine supported concessions, while in July this figure decreased to 16%.

Sociologists of KMIS will conduct an all-Ukrainian survey of public opinion “Omnibus” during July 6-20. 2,000 respondents were interviewed in the territories controlled by Ukraine. The CATI method – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews – based on a random sample of mobile phone numbers was used.


In May, among all surveyed respondents, 2.5-4% lived in the territories occupied after February 24. Then it corresponded to the percentage of those who live there, because the generation of phone numbers was random. Currently, due to the occupiers turning off telephone communications, it was possible to interview only 0.2% of respondents living in the occupied territories.

Anton Grushetsky, deputy director of KIIS, noted that although the views of the respondents who lived in the occupation were somewhat different, the general trends were quite similar. Therefore, the impossibility of interviewing such respondents does not significantly affect the quality of the results.

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Despite the fact that there are other factors that can affect the quality of results in “wartime” conditions, KIIS is convinced that the obtained results allow reliable analysis of public sentiment among the population.

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