Three people were killed in Lutsk in western Ukraine in overnight Russian air strikes, the region's governor has said.

"As of now, three people have died. Several more wounded are in the hospital," Yuriy Poguliaiko said in a post on Telegram.

The Mayor of Lutsk, Ihor Polishchuk, reported that an industrial facility was hit in the city which is situated less than 100 kilometres (60 miles) from Ukraine's border with Poland.

"Air defense forces worked in the region during the night air alert. But, unfortunately, we had a 'strike' at one of the industrial enterprises in the regional center," he said on Telegram.

Lviv was also targeted in the overnight attack. Mayor Andriy Sadovy said that most missiles were intercepted, but some hit residential buildings.

"Fortunately, there were no casualties. Unfortunately, there is a lot of damage," he said on Telegram.


"More than 100 apartments were damaged, more than 500 windows were broken, and a kindergarten was destroyed" after a missile flew into its yard, he said.

He said 19 people were wounded but "there is no threat to their lives."

The eastern city of Dnipro was also hit by Russian missiles overnight causing a fire at an enterprise facility. Two people were injured.

Russia fired a total of 28 missiles overnight, 16 of which were shot down.

Compared to parts of Ukraine that have been frequently bombed, western Ukraine has been comparably safer since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

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However, back in July, a major Russian missile attack led to 10 deaths and significant damage to the city's civilian infrastructure, according to Sadovyi. 

And last year in March, Russian strikes targeted the Lutsk military airport, causing the deaths of four Ukrainian soldiers and injuring six others.


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