Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) struck a Russian command post in the Mariupol area, filling a local hospital with 50 Russian soldiers and killing at least 13, according to reports.

Vadym Boychenko, the city’s Ukrainian mayor-in-exile, said the facility in the village of Yurivka was struck on Monday, Aug. 14.

Around 50 Russian troops were taken to City Hospital No. 2 in Mariupol. “Of them, 13 have already died,” he said in a post on Telegram.

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Boychenko also claimed another hospital in the village of Manhush near Mariupol was also filled with injured Russians, five of whom died.

“All night they were sorting out the consequences and taking out the wounded, corpses and pulling out broken equipment,” he said.

The AFU Department of Strategic Communications (StratCom) later confirmed through Telegram the Ukrainian strike on the Russian base.


StratCom reported that the strike occurred around 11:00 a.m. and verified that the Russian command post was situated at the Hvylia sanatorium.

On Monday, Petro Andryushchenko, an advisor to the Mariupol mayor, claimed the Russian personnel initially attempted to conceal the attack on their camp and later contemplated spreading false information that only local civilian residents had purportedly been killed.

After several months of full-scale invasion, the Russians took control of Mariupol and the surrounding district last spring, establishing the devastated city as a military stronghold.

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Incidents of sabotage have been frequently reported in the area, targeting concentrations of Russian troops and their equipment, including partisan activity just one day prior to the AFU strike on the Russian command post.

The strike comes one day after partisans sabotaged a different Russian base in the occupied area.

On Sunday, Aug. 13, Ukrainian partisans ignited a fire at the Russian base in Mariupol, leading to at least 10 Russian soldiers sustaining injuries. Andryushchenko claimed that the barracks housing the occupying forces were obliterated and three enemy vehicles were damaged.

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