Members of the 35th Separate Brigade of Marines have posted video footage documenting the liberation of Urozhaine village which was officially announced this morning.


Together with their counterparts from the 38th Separate Brigade of Marines, soldiers from the 35th Brigade successfully liberated the village of Urozhaine, situated near Staromaiorske in the Donetsk region.


The video, posted on the brigade’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Aug. 16, is captioned, “Urozhaine is liberated!”


The video shows Ukrainian artillery targeting Russian troop concentrations, drones dropping grenades and then the Russian troops fleeing the village.


“The enemy is retreating from Urozhaine in a state of panic,” said the marines.



In the footage, a jubilant Ukrainian soldier, waving the national flag while speeding through the village, exclaims: “We report the liberation of Urozhaine!”



The Ukrainian fighters then hoist the national banner on a flagpole.


“Stay tuned, victory is on the horizon! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our heroes!” conclude the marines, clutching the Ukrainian national flag and the Marine Corps flag.


Earlier in the day, Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Maliar confirmed the success of the Marine operations. She said Ukrainian forces are now reinforcing their positions along the town’s border, adding: “The offensive continues.”

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