The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) are steadily advancing in the southern regions and are poised to assert fire control over the crucial “land corridor to Crimea,” according to Kyiv officials. 

As a result, the Russian military is facing the imminent loss of vital strategic strongholds, Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor to the head of the Office of the President, wrote in an X (Twitter) post.

“The bottom line: Russian defense lines are beginning to crumble. The Ukrainian army is advancing southward with some success, coming one step closer to taking fire control of the ‘land corridor to #Crimea,’” Podolyak said.

“The stakes are already clear: all Russian supply lines, including railroads, are at stake. This means one thing: the Russian army is on the verge of losing its strategic positions,” he added.


He predicted an uptick in diplomatic overtures from Russian officials, possibly even demands for immediate ceasefires or arms embargoes. 

Simultaneously, according to Podolyak, Russian propaganda might intensify efforts to undermine Ukraine’s morale, aiming to instill a sense of hopelessness among the Ukrainian populace.

“Therefore, we can predict a doubling of calls for negotiations in the near future (to immediately stop the supply of weapons) and twice as many attempts to demoralize Ukraine by third parties to make Ukrainians lose faith in their abilities. Meanwhile... the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to regain what belongs to them," he predicted.

Ukrainian Air & Sea Drones Blast Russian Coast Guard Base in Crimea – Video
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Ukrainian Air & Sea Drones Blast Russian Coast Guard Base in Crimea – Video

The combined drone attack hit the command center and ammo/equipment depot of a military base while the Russians were training, a Kyiv Post source said.

Elsewhere, Ukraine carried out a successful drone attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in occupied Crimea on Friday, killing and wounding “several dozen” Russian servicemen and damaging ammunition dumps and storage facilities, Kyiv Post has been told.

Several explosions were reported on social media at a military base near the village of Perevalne, Simferopol after what is believed to be Ukraine’s largest drone attack to date.


Russian sources reported a near-swarm of Ukrainian drones launched towards Crimea overnight Aug 24-25. Russian officials tried to play down the attack and Kremlin information platforms claimed 42 aircraft were shot down and Russian facilities and personnel were not hurt.

But according to Kyiv Post sources in the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), a special military counterintelligence operation of the SBU and Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) targeted the 126th brigade of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

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