British Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined Ukrainian troops as they were given special military training in Scotland this weekend. 

Johnson, who recently announced his resignation, but who will continue to serve as Prime Minister until the internal election of his replacement, participated in a training exercise at an undisclosed location, where he took part in learning how to throw grenades, shoot assault rifles, and use top-of-the-range rocket launchers.

Donned in full camouflage gear, the leader of the Conservative Party posted a video of the experience on Twitter, saying: “This week I visited Ukrainian troops being trained by British Armed Forces in North Yorkshire.

This week I visited Ukrainian troops being trained by British Armed Forces in North Yorkshire. The UK is committed to doing all we can to help Ukraine continue to repel Russian aggression. — Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) July 23, 2022

“The UK is committed to doing all we can to help Ukraine continue to repel Russian aggression.


“That comes on top of the investment we’re making in supporting Ukrainians with weaponry, 6900 anti tank weapons, 120 armoured vehicles and much much else besides including now the multiple launch rocket systems that together the Americans, Germans and others we’re providing really are starting to make a difference.”

To date, the UK has provided billions of dollars-worth of humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine, including the supply of High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), which have proven highly effective in helping the Ukrainian Armed Forces fight back against the Russian invaders.

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“I just want you to know that the people of the United Kingdom support the people of Ukraine and support you in your fight,” Boris Johnson added. “And I am absolutely convinced that you can win and that you will win.”

Last week, Johnson posted a selfie of himself taking the controls of a Typhoon fighter jet, during a visit to RAF Coningsby in the English county of Lincolnshire.

Shortly after, Johnson recounted that he had been allowed to perform “an aileron roll” and “fantastic loop the loop”,  before ending with “a more complicated thing called a barrel roll”, adding: “We started to pull a few Gs, as they say, and when I came back to consciousness I could see the sea getting closer and closer.”


Reacting to the announcement of the Prime Minister’s imminent departure from office, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky referred to Johnson as “a true friend of Ukraine”.

“We all accepted this news with sadness,” he said in a televised message “Not only me, but also the entire Ukrainian society, which is very sympathetic to you. My entire office and all Ukrainians are grateful to you for your help. We have no doubt that Great Britain’s support will remain, but your personal leadership and charisma made it special.”

In turn, during a phone call between the two leaders following his resignation speech, Johnson reassured Zelensky of Britain’s continued support for Ukraine, adding: “You’re a hero – everybody loves you.”

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