On July 22, the Russian army set fire to three districts in Dnipro region – Nikopol, Synelnykiv, and Kryvorizky, with extensive destruction.

The occupiers shelled Nikopol twice with anti-aircraft guns and up to 100 shells were fired. One person died and one was injured. A total of 11 private houses were damaged, while gas and water pipelines burst and a railway track was destroyed.

In the Pokrovsk territorial community, the Russian militants hit warehouses, where the transformer broke down, leaving several villages without electricity.

Damaged school in Apostolovo territorial community, Dnipro region – July 22 (Source: Center for strategic communications)

The Zelenodol territorial community was hit with barrel artillery and a private house was damaged. There were seven strikes in the Apostolovo territorial community where rockets hit three schools. Several residential buildings were damaged and eight people were injured.


Earlier attacks on Dnipro

On July 20, the Russian occupiers shelled Nikopol using self-propelled multiple rockets.  Two people were killed and nine were wounded.

On July 19, Russian servicemen shelled Nikopol with anti-aircraft guns (approximately 40 shells), and artillery attacked the Zelenodol territorial community in the Kryvorizka district. The occupiers fired at a recreation center in Nikopol and a tractor brigade in the Zelenodol community.

On July 16, the Russian invaders shelled the Nikopol district from self-propelled multiple rockets. According to local authorities, the occupiers fired 53 shells. A total of 12 five-story buildings, a school, and a college were damaged.

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