Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi on Tuesday, Sep. 19, accused the United States of worsening the Ukraine war but insisted that Tehran -- which has provided drones to Russia -- would back a peace settlement.

"The United States of America has fanned the flames of violence in Ukraine in order to weaken the European countries. This is a long-term plan, unfortunately," he told the United Nations General Assembly.

Iran has tense relations with the United States which has imposed new sanctions on the cleric-run state for selling the killer drones to Moscow.

But Raisi insisted on the neutrality of Iran, which has largely abstained from resolutions on the Ukraine war.

"We support any initiative for a cessation of hostilities and the war," Raisi said.

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Well firstly I'd like like to empathize with the normal Iranian folks for having to endure such oppressive and stupid leadership. I say stupid not in the sense that he can't plan elaborate and nefarious evil deeds, but in that he would actually spew such obvious mistruths and expect anyone to believe it. Seems the Russian concept of 'Vranyo' prevails amongst most political dictators (dics?) and their cheerleaders. Still apparently works on the weak minded MAGA cult. Perhaps lie detectors should become part of the screening requirement in filtering out any future leadership prospect?

The Iranian people suffer and they do want change. They are trying to bring it about through peaceful protests, but as in Russia, the dics have stacked the decks to make this a very risky task. I've known a number of Persians and they are generous, reasoned people. Raisi's words must grate on their ears.

There is no plausible scenario where Europe is strengthened or in anyway improved should putins's criminal regime be allowed to steal an inch of Ukraine. I have dual EU citizenship and can assure you the Europeans know well that allowing that would subsequently put many other EU borders at risk.

Putin's fellow dictators and also the leadership of so called 'neutral counties' will be weighed, measured and found morally wanting in future history reviews.