The Armed Forces of Ukraine have partly destroyed the Antonovsky bridge by shelling. Russian occupation forces in Kherson, which occupied the region in the first days of the war, may soon find themselves without supplies and the opportunity of making an organized retreat.

This bridge connects Kherson, occupied by the Russian army, with the occupied regions next to the Crimean Peninsula.

“Ukraine has been shelling a bridge across the Dnipro in the Kherson region for the second day in a row from HIMARS’ multiple launch rocket systems. Twelve rockets were fired, and 11 of them hit the bridge. There were no casualties or injuries,” said Kirill Stremousov, a collaborator who sided with the Russians.

The day before, Ukrainian and Russian authorities confirmed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had carried out a missile attack in the area around ​​the Antonovsky bridge.


British intelligence believes that control over the crossings across the Dnipro River will be a key factor in the outcome of hostilities in Kherson Region.

The bridge is one of two such crossing points of this river. It is a car-pedestrian crossing across the Dnipro connecting Kherson with the left bank, particularly with the city of Oleshky. The bridge is about one mile long and of great strategic importance for the Russian army, as it is one of several routes through which weapons and ammunition are supplied to troops in Kherson and on the opposite bank.

If it were to be destroyed it would make it much more difficult for the Russians to supply their troops. The closest bridge to it is a bridge across the Dnipro located about 90 km from Nova Kakhovka.

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On July 10, Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that President Zelensky had ordered the development of a plan to liberate the south of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Army’s operational command reports that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing confidently in Kherson Region. Russia is taking the counter-offensive in the south seriously and fortifying defensive positions.

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