Increasingly, it appears that the US Federal Government will shut down tonight at midnight.

A hardline-wing of Republican lawmakers is refusing to allow any proposal to pass Congress that would include financial allocations for Ukraine. The most recent proposal was to send Ukraine $6 billion of aid.

"A few far right members of Congress are trying to shut down the government for an amount equal to 26 minutes of federal spending," says Steve Moore, a Republican strategist who worked in the US Congress for years, continuing that "Their efforts to pull the US out of the international coalition supporting Ukraine will create an environment for war on a larger scale in two continents."

Earlier statistics cited by Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham stated that total funding on Ukraine, at this point, equated to a mere 3.5% of the total US defense budget and 3/10 of 1% of the total US budget, but provided the US with the greatest return on investment for security in its history.


Some Republicans have complained of America's national debt, which now exceeds $33 trillion dollars. However, even if Washington were to cut the spending proposal of $6 billion for Ukraine and instead allocate the money for paying off the national debt, it would equate to a mere 0.018% of the nation's debt.

Though the Republicans opposing further funding for Ukraine should hypothetically not wield such great power, they have been able to blackmail the Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, by threatening to pass a measure to remove him as Speaker if the spending bill were to pass.

Ukraine Needs Western Aid to Win War After Setbacks: Zelensky
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Ukraine Needs Western Aid to Win War After Setbacks: Zelensky

In a rare acknowledgement of setbacks, Zelensky said 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the war and that plans for summer's failed counteroffensive had been leaked to Russia.

Some leaders, recognizing that a shutdown is nearly certain, have begun racing to pass separate spending bills that would cover vital national interests, such as the Border Control services and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The White House, in a grim sign of how things are going, have begun preparing staffers for a shut-down. CNN reports that White House employees have received email directives that "furloughed employees to turn off their work phones. Staff have been asked to enter their personal contact information so they can get updates on their personal devices. If they are furloughed, they will not be allowed to access their government phones."


Congress has earlier appropriated some assistance to Ukraine that would continue, though perhaps with delays, in light of a shutdown, however further aid would be unlikely.

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gavan duffy
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Ukraine like the rest of Europe will have to rely on themselves rather than the US. The US is becoming increasingly isolationist and its reliability as an ally doubtful. Neither Democrat nor Republican parties can be relied upon.
Coach John
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It is now obvious. The nation of Ukraine needs a sweep by the Democrats in America's 2024 elections as much as any battlefield victory. Ukrainians should be on their computers and phones, reaching out to their friends in America's Ukrainian diaspora, to cajole them and convince them to donate time and resources to the reelection of President Biden, and to help support all Democrats in close elections in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, no matter what state they live. The only danger more threatening to Ukraine's survival than their enemy Russia is the American Republican party.
Joseph Swanson
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There was a time when Americans supported the idea espoused by President Kennedy when communist russia threatened world freedom decades ago “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”
Its a shame that some pro-putlin politicians in America are unwilling to live up to that principle today.