On July 18, Olena Zelenska made a special visit to the USA on the invitation of America’s First Lady, Jill Biden. The wife of the President of Ukraine met with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and is expected to appear before the congress tomorrow, June 20.


Olena Zelenska reported on Facebook that she felt “strange” because of the calm atmosphere in the American streets.


“Passenger planes fly peacefully; people are not frightened by sirens and loud noises outside” she wrote. “It’s a strange feeling: to be in a country where all this is possible in the fifth month of the Russian invasion. But I am now in the USA, so it becomes possible in Ukraine. I am here at the invitation of First Lady Jill Biden.”



Joe Biden’s wife visited Ukraine in May to support all those who lost their homes and relatives because of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. 


In Washington yesterday, Zelenska said: “Now it’s my turn to speak in the US about Ukrainian needs in our resistance and fight against the aggressor.”


She also visited the Memorial to the victims of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine in the center of Washington.


“Tens, hundreds, thousands of spikelets – they played a crucial role in the life of our ancestors” Zelenska said. “A spikelet could save somebody’s life, and for it, everybody could pay with their life,” Olena Zelenska reported on Facebook about the artificial Holodomor held by the Soviet Union in Ukraine to make a genocide of the Ukrainian nation. 

Russia Shells Village in Luhansk Region During Humanitarian Aid Distribution, Says Local Official
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Russia Shells Village in Luhansk Region During Humanitarian Aid Distribution, Says Local Official

A local official said Friday’s incident was “the second time in a row” that Russia shelled the village during aid distribution, though no casualties were reported this time.


“Visiting this place resonating so much with our tragic present, where Russia is trying to destroy Ukraine once again, I received a real ray of light – a meeting with the Ukrainian community in the United States,” she added. “These are people who, even thousands of kilometers from their homeland, remember who they are, who know the language, who voluntarily responded to the Russian attack in the first ranks and rushed to help their homeland and compatriots.”



During her ongoing visit to the US, Olena Zelenska also met with Samantha Power, a leader of the US Agency of International Development. When Russia occupied the territory of Crimea in 2014 and held the controversial and widely criticized “Referendum,” Samantha Power, who at the time was a representative of the US in the UN, appealed to the Russian representative and evaluated the situation: “A criminal can steal your ownership, but it doesn’t provide him with a right to own this ownership.”


The first lady is expected to appear before the US Congress tomorrow, on June 20, where she will be delivering a speech on the Russian invasion and the current situation in Ukraine.

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