We are delighted to inform our readers and supporters that Kyiv Post has made history with a giant stride forward in terms of achievement and recognition – it now ranks among the world’s most trusted news sources.

Our publication has just been listed by the NewsGuard Internet Trust Tool as one of the world’s top providers of reliable journalism with a perfect rating of 100%. In other words we have made it into the same league as The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times and Politico

NewsGuard is one of the world’s most respected rating systems for news and information websites and is used by advertisers, search engines, social media platforms, cybersecurity firms, and governments to inform them of the reliability and credibility of publications.


Kyiv Post’s Chief Editor Bohdan Nahaylo comments: “This is great day for journalism in Ukraine and the country. Our dedicated and talented team has managed in a relatively short time to perform a turnaround miracle at Kyiv Post in less than 2 years since the restructuring took place. 

“For me, a veteran journalist with 45 years of experience, this is another high point in my career and source of immense satisfaction. And, naturally, full credit is due to our publisher, CEO and most of all, our loyal readers.”

Publisher and owner of the Kadorr Group, Adnan Kivan (centre front) with Chief Editor Bohdan Nahaylo and the Kyiv Post team earlier this year.

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Earlier this year, Kyiv Post had already achieved the highest rating in Ukraine with 87.5%. But our team wanted to do even better.  For this purpose, it engaged with Reporters Without Borders and has been chosen to participate in a tailored investigative fact checking training for its journalist by AFP (Agence France Presse) in Europe.

Now, almost two years after it was revamped and reprofiled under new management, and against the background of the challenges imposed by Russia’s war against Ukraine and the need to deploy in the critical sphere of social media, Kyiv Post has successfully evolved into a 100% standing alongside other world leading media organizations. Consider this rating like a When you become a witness to these atrocities, it changes people and that's why I think it's necessary for Elon Musk to come and to see for himself. Star for a top restaurant as its completely independent and rates our standards on a global level.


Kyiv Post’s CEO Luc Chénier says: “After two hard years of successfully revamping the Kyiv Post business model while simultaneously delivering world class journalism from the ground up, as its CEO, I am incredibly proud of our talented and dedicated team, assembled, led and honed by Chief Editor Bohdan Nahaylo, to have received such an honor of achieving 100% rating from News Guard alongside other world-renowned news organization such as the New York Time, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Guardian, etc.”

Kyiv Post’s CEO continues: “I especially want to thank our readers for their continued support and even our critics for pushing us to become better… and we have risen to the challenge!”.


CEO Luc Chénier (R) and publisher and owner of the Kadorr Group, Adnan Kivan (L).

Naturally, Kyiv Post’s owner is particularly happy with our achievement. Our publisher and owner of the Kadorr Group, Adnan Kivan, writes: “As I said two years ago, Kyiv Post would become ‘bigger and better’.

“I never had any doubts about this and now this proves that our aim to become the most transparent and democratic news organization in Eastern Europe and join other world leading news organization in this noble endeavour. I am, and will always be, a proud supporter of Kyiv Post, its independence, and most importantly its aim to support the democratic growth of Ukraine!”

We, at Kyiv Post, are also happy to see other Ukrainian new organizations receive high ratings from NewsGuard. See above the list of the ratings given to other Ukrainian frontrunners. It’s gratifying to see Ukrainian journalism rising to the occasion in these complex times.

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