A charity football tournament honouring border soldiers was held in Vynnyky at the Bohdan Markevich Stadium with the support of FC "Ruh" and its founder, the famous Lviv businessman and philanthropist Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy. This event aimed to raise funds for drones for the Armed Forces. As a result of a series of tournaments and a charity auction, it was possible to collect more than 300,000 hryvnias for drones for the military.

The Western Regional Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine proposed holding an event on the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, and the "Movement to the Future" Charitable Fund supported this initiative to raise funds for the military who defend the borders of our country. In addition, the border guards could compete with each other and have a good time.



Participants of the tournament. Photo by the press service of FC "Rukh" (Lviv).

Hryhoriy Kozlovsky noted: "More than 50 countries are helping Ukraine repel the Russian invasion and ensure the future not only for Ukrainians but all of Europe. But the possibility of further support and the ability of Ukraine to defend itself shortly today depends on the decisions of the West; I hope this support will continue and help Ukrainians live safely in a free and independent country. FC "Ruh" tries to help in all available ways. And this aid will not stop, but on the contrary, it will only increase."

Nine teams from different border detachments of the State Border Services participated in the competition. The teams played in a 6x6 format (5 field players + goalkeeper), and according to the tournament regulations, one football star played in each group. Military and Ukrainian football stars played bright matches and demonstrated a high level of play.

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Thousands of people have already contributed 575,000 euros ($610,000) since Monday, when the "Peace for Ukraine" group launched the initiative, organisers of a Slovak crowdfunding campaign say.

The host of the event was the famous TV presenter Andrii Bednyakov. And those present at the event were the head of the Lviv State Border Service, Maksym Kozytskyy, the head of the Volyn regional military administration, Yuriy Pogulyajko and the head of the Western Regional Department of the State Border Service, Major General Viktor Babiuk.


The host of the event is Andriy Bednyakov. Photo by the press service of FC "Rukh" (Lviv).

In addition, during the tournament, visitors could view an exhibition of weapons and training drones. A charity auction was also held during the competition.

Former player of the Ukrainian national team Artem Fedetsky noted: "It is a great honour to be together with our military, border guards. Especially since this tournament is dedicated to the memory of border guards who gave their lives for our freedom and independence, it is also nice to see the guys we met when we travelled to the east of the country. This tournament aims to raise funds for drones for the Border Patrol. Therefore, I ask everyone to join this gathering, help the military and believe in the Armed Forces and the border guards because we will win."

In total, more than 300 thousand hryvnias were collected during the tournament. But the ultimate goal is half a million hryvnias. Anyone can help the military. To do this, you must donate to the "DRONES FOR THE BORDER" collection by clicking the link.

Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy actively helps the Ukrainian military. In particular, he personally handed over six military trucks, an excavator, nets and 20 radios to two Lviv brigades.


Before that, 250 artillery tablets, two multifunctional training complexes, 70 radio stations, 50 generators, about 2,000 minesweepers, hundreds of heating stoves, laptops and tablets, a minivan, and overhauled 15 cars were already purchased for the needs of the Armed Forces with the funds of Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy.


Participants of the tournament. Photo by the press service of FC "Rukh" (Lviv).

In addition, Hryhoriy Petrovych Kozlovskyy contributed to the "Heroes' Tribune" foundation. With the president of FC "Karpat" Volodymyr Matkivsky and the head of the Lviv Football Association, Oleksandr Shevchenko, he provided financial assistance to the families of football ultras who died in the war. One and a half million hryvnias were transferred to the charity fund. Hryhoriy Kozlovskyy took part in the action of the famous Ukrainian football player Roman Zozuli, "People's Bairaktar". Football club "Ruh" transferred 200 thousand hryvnias for this project.

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