Mike Pence has said the United States is in danger of losing its role as the leader of the free world which will “untie the hands” of terrorists in the future.

Speaking to CNN during an Oct. 8 interview, the former vice president said the current Republican candidates – which include his former boss Donald Trump – will lead the US on a path to withdrawing from its leadership position among the world’s democracies.

“This is what happens when we have leading voices like Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Ron DeSantis signaling retreat from America's role as leader of the free world,” said Pence.

“What happened in Ukraine was an unprovoked invasion by Russia,” he added. “What happened this weekend was the unprovoked invasion of Israel by Hamas, and I believe that now more than ever, the debate within the Republican Party and the debate in America is about whether we are going to stand again unconditionally as the leader of the free world, as the arsenal of democracy.”


At the same time, Pence sharply criticized the policies of President Joe Biden which, according to him, contributed to the start of the current wars.

“The disastrous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan has emboldened the enemies of freedom around the world, and now war is raging in Eastern Europe, and the fact that President Joe Biden has kowtowed to Iran's mullahs for the past two and a half years, lifting sanctions, begging them to return to the Iran nuclear deal, and then paying $6 billion in ransom for the hostages, in my opinion, set the stage for this unprecedented terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel,” Pence asserted.

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He said recent events show that the United States should be “an indispensable leader of the free world.”

Pence summed up by saying: “If I become president of the United States, we will lead based on American strength.”

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Mike Pence is a clown that nobody should pay any attention to anything that comes out of his mouth. For four years this asshole carried water for Trump and then at the end did one right thing when he verified the vote for the election Trump lost by a landslide. That one act does not make up for his lying for years and defending Trump all that time. Fortunately republicans hate him just as much as democrats and he will never hold office again and should simply shut his lying mouth and sit down and go away and wallow in the shame he has brought upon himself.