Around a third of the humanitarian aid intended for the armed forces did not reach the 200 or so military units for which it was intended after clearing customs, the State Customs Service of Ukraine has said.

“During 9 months of 2023, as a result of the joint measures of the Department for Combating Smuggling and Customs Violations of the State Customs Service and the Department of Internal Audit of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, more than 9,000 instances of the movement of humanitarian aid goods intended for 200 military units were checked,” the agency said.

In doing so they established more than 3,000 cases of where its receipt by military units had not been confirmed.

Customs also reported that they had sent 387 reports that indicated possible criminal actions the Criminal Code of Ukraine [regarding illegal use of humanitarian aid for profit - ed.]


Also, the employees of the department raised 320 protocols alleging violations of customs rules, in respect of goods intended for humanitarian use.

Recently Kyiv Post wrote about the fact that from December 1, 2022, Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 953 will enter into force. It provides for the creation of an electronic declaration and the publishing of public reports on the distribution of humanitarian aid.

Such changes caused concern among the volunteer community that due to the new procedures, the delivery of humanitarian aid to the military may be significantly slowed down.

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