A Russian soldier has been overheard in a phone call to his mother describing huge losses and “whole forest… dotted with dead soldiers” during attempts to attack the village of Ivanivka, in the Kupyansk direction.

In the intercepted call published by Ukraine's Military Intelligence Directorate (HUR), the soldier says he and his fellow troops don’t stand a chance in the face of Ukrainian armoured vehicles, snipers and machine gunners, resulting in huge losses of manpower.

"There's such a slaughter going on there!” he says. “More than a thousand were killed there. The first, and second battalion was thrown forward - there's a hell of a lot of 200s [code for dead], even more 300s [code for wounded]."


He goes on: “Ukrainians don't let them [approach] anywhere near them and shoot at everyone.

“Our guys come up there, and their tank drives up blindly and starts f**king everyone," the soldier says.

The soldier then goes on to describe the horrifying scenes he has seen, suggesting the whole attempt to take ground in the Kupyansk direction is futile.

“This whole forest landing in front of us dotted with the dead soldiers,” he says. “They can't even take Ivanovka!

“It's ridiculous that they still mention capturing Novoselovka or even Kupyansk, they must be kidding!”

He then says that when a unit of 20 men attack a Ukrainian position only “two or three come back.”

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He adds: “The guys who tried to capture these Ukrainian dugouts died there. Khokhlyatsky [derogatory word for Ukrainians] tank buried them there.

“It hit the dugout and started spinning on it, what kind of dugout will withstand it, there are more than 70 tons!”

Speaking further, he adds that the Ukrainian positions are well fortified and concreted, about eight Ukrainian soldiers can contain the assault of hundreds of enemy forces.

He says: "Yesterday Sam flew the plane and said that just 8 people were sitting in the trench, just 8 khohols [Ukrainains], f*ck! And our men go there by the hundreds, and they are not even capable of taking a f**king thing!"


"Snipers and machine gunners are sitting there, and that's it! There is absolutely no one else there! There is a pillbox, it turns 180 degrees and everything that can be mowed down."

According to the Kharkiv region's military administration, the Russian forces tried to attack Ivanivka and Synkivka 5 times over the past few days but had no success.

At the same time, there was a notable reduction in the frequency of Russian attacks over the last 24 hours. Prior to this, they had been launching up to 30 assaults daily for several consecutive weeks.

While the authenticity of the call has not been confirmed, both Ukrainian, Russian and independent sources confirm Russia is suffering huge losses right now, with the daily rate of soldiers killed approaching an all-time high.

Further, Kyiv Post recently interviewed Maria* who described what it’s like to work as one of Ukrainian Intelligence’s professional eavesdroppers and the shocking things they hear.

Russian media regularly dismisses the content of the calls, saying Ukraine is faking them, a claim Kyiv Post put to Maria. She said: "Yes, they all are real even though they might seem insane. Sometimes I can’t believe the words I’m listening to myself, but we have what we have."


Kyiv Post regularly highlights the most revealing and shocking intercepted conversations on a weekly basis.

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