Last week, President Zelensky unveiled plans for a forthcoming joint US-Ukraine defense industry meeting scheduled for December in Washington. This upcoming meeting aims to build upon the discussions and agreements reached during the defense industry forum held in September.

In an interview with TVP World, Bohdan Nahaylo, Chief Editor of Kyiv Post, underscored the existing gaps in delivering military assistance to Ukraine, given that the U.S. Congress has been unable to pass a new Ukraine aid bill since September. 

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Dr. Nancy
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What about all the money and supplies already promised and paid for by US taxpayers? All of the US donations to Ukraine except for the ammo that I’ve seen on the videos are old tanks and weapons that the Pentagon declared obsolete long ago. The Pentagon failed another audit and still has the trillions missing that it did six years ago. Ukrainian Americans should take an accounting of all the aid that has actually reached Ukraine(and not been stolen on their side), including ammo and intelligence support and show these accurate figures to Congress.
Ukrainians mistakenly choose to have little presence and influence on conservative news and social media sites, so the 80 million who will vote for President Trump in 2024 only read Russian propaganda. The theme, promoted by Russia, to spend money at home, not in Ukraine or Israel is not countered at all by Ukraine on any of the conservative platforms these 80,000,000 follow. The Ukrainian government chooses to remain out of touch with God-fearing patriotic Americans at its own peril.
Joseph Swanson
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This is the way of the western wasp...understand this...just look around, their history is littered with examples of backstabbing.
As for "american" chris' suggestion.  This will never work because the average american's attention span is about five minutes UNLESS it concerns israel.  And, the american & british populations identify & sympathize with israel & russia because they are all criminal cultures.  Their founding settler populations go to a land, mass murder the people living there, and claim that land as "theirs."
American Chris
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American politicians respond to what constituents say to them. Recently Ukraine is rarely on US news. I suggest Ukraine do public relations programs to older Americans who are the majority of voters. There are many facts for 70 years that Russia has been an existential threat to America. Ukraine can tell Americans Ukraine is fighting for US national security. For example, since the attack on Israel there are TV, social media and letter ads asking American people for support of Israel.