LUN, a Ukrainian real estate startup, has developed an interactive map alongside the Ministry of Digitalization that outlines the service availability of different network providers during power outages and allows Kyiv residents to choose internet services based on their needs.

Residents can check the duration of available internet connections during blackouts (up to 72 hours) based on the provider, the connection technology used, and the cost of services so they can apply for new internet services ahead of the expected Russian attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

It is also possible for users to submit reviews on the locations and inform other residents of the current situation.

As Russia is likely stockpiling missiles in preparation for massive winter strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure and Ukrainians are now preparing for the worst-case scenarios, the map came as a necessary development for Ukrainians.


The map is the latest in a series of interactive maps developed by LUN, which started developing maps for housing rentals and purchases where users could view available listings in desired addresses from different real estate sites.

LUN has since developed other interactive maps after the full-scale invasion, incorporating other points of interest such as shelter locations and working businesses during blackouts.

The tech sector remains one of Ukraine’s strongest industries, with the Ukrainian government placing a strong emphasis on digitalization that relies on IT expertise within the country.

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In September, Ukraine and Estonia signed a cooperation agreement where Estonia would launch a mobile governmental portal based on the Ukrainian “Diia” application that allowed Ukrainians to use digital documents and access government services through their smartphones.

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