December 6 is Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) Day. Because of Russia’s relentless aggression against Ukraine, this date has become more significant than ever.

The importance of the AFU in defending Ukraine’s freedom and territory in this deadly war cannot be overstated. The AFU is the savior and reliable protector of the country, inspiring pride and confidence, and the embodiment of its heroic spirit and fortitude.

On this day we salute the courage and tenacity of the AFU, its capable leadership, and its brave fighters and diverse personnel, and express our gratitude and admiration. We also thank all those at whatever level in the free world who support the AFU in their valiant fight.

We bow our heads in remembrance of all the many heroes of the AFU who have sacrificed their lives for the cause of a free Ukraine and democratic world and our thoughts go out to their families.


Glory to the AFU!   Glory to the Horoes! Glory to Ukraine!

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