The UK Defence Intelligence released an updated map of the war in Ukraine on Dec 8, showing the latest state of the front line in Ukraine's south and east.

It shows, what's been reported by the ISW, that Russian forces conducted offensive operations along the Kupyansk-Svatove-Kreminna line, which extends from the Luhansk region to the Kharkiv region.

The map also shows fighting in the Donetsk region, near Bakhmut, near Avdiivka, west and southwest of Donetsk City, and in the Donetsk-Zaporizhia Oblast border area.

In the western Zaporizhia region, Russian forces made confirmed advances, as well as near Avdiivka.

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A glance at a map makes the war look like gridlock, but is actuality, Russia is faced with unsustainable losses.
I think in the end, they will give up the middle and try to hang onto the Donbas and Crimea.