A recent survey conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) highlights evolving sentiments among Ukrainians regarding territorial concessions.

The study, carried out between November 29 and December 9, 2023, reveals nuanced perspectives among respondents from different regions of the country.

As of December 2023, the survey indicates that 19% of Ukrainians surveyed are open to territorial concessions. Notably, this marks a gradual increase from 10% in May, 14% in October, to the current figure.

Conversely, the percentage of those opposing territorial concessions has decreased from 84% in May to 80% in October and further to 74% in December. Despite this shift, a clear majority of Ukrainians still maintain the stance that Ukraine should not relinquish any of its territories.


The report highlights regional variations in these attitudes. From May to October, the South and the East showed a rise in the willingness to make concessions.

However, the period between October and December witnessed a shift in the West and the Center, with the percentage of respondents favoring territorial concessions increasing from 9% to 20% in the West and from 10% to 15% in the Center.

However, across all regions, a significant majority, ranging from 68% and 69% in the South and East to 76% and 79% in the West and Center, remains opposed to territorial concessions to Russia.

Even among residents in the war-affected South and East, where 67% oppose concessions, there is a notable 22% and 25% willingness to make concessions, respectively.

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The report also highlights the correlation between views on territorial concessions and broader perspectives on Russia and Western support.

Respondents supporting concessions tend to be more pessimistic, with 22% believing Russia is too strong, while 71% express confidence that with proper Western support, Ukraine can succeed.

Regarding responses to decreased Western support, those supporting concessions lean towards cessation of hostilities (69%), while those opposing concessions, even with limited aid, largely favor the continuation of hostilities (70%).


The survey employed computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) using a random sample of mobile phone numbers, totaling 1,031 respondents across all Ukrainian regions (excluding Crimea). 

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