A Russian man has claimed there will be a second wave of mobilization next summer and that teenagers will be made to register for military service.

Heard in a call to a friend fighting at the front, intercepted by Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR), the man describes how an envelope of cards arrived where he works which his boss told him were for schoolboys aged 16-17-years-old to fill out.

Avoiding the word “mobilization,” he says: “It’s from Moscow, a new one …, f**king, closer to the summer.

“They’re talking about a second one, maybe in the summer. “I said the reserve will get f**ked and then it’ll begin again.”

In a bleak assessment of the war, he claims Ukraine will hit back hard to avenge the Ukrainian cities destroyed by Russian forces.


“I think we're going to get f**ked,” he says. “For Bakhmut, for all the s**t. If we manage, it’s only gonna be through huge numbers of people.”

The man then launches into a tirade against Ukraine’s western allies, saying: “There's a lot of f**king equipment in Poland, f**k in the UK there’s 30,000 trained khokhol [derogatory name for Ukrainians] soldiers.

“Plus f**king Poles, volunteers.”

He also reveals he himself has been called on to enlist, saying: “I got a call from the military registration and enlistment office on Tuesday.

“They said, f**k it... are you going to go to war either as a volunteer or under contract?”

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Laughing, he adds: “I said not today.”

Earlier this year, Kyiv Post interviewed Maria* who works as one of Ukrainian intelligence’s professional eavesdroppers and spoke about the shocking things she hears.

Russia regularly dismisses the content of intercepted calls published by Ukraine, saying they are faked, a claim Kyiv Post put to Maria. She said: “Yes, they all are real even though they might seem insane. Sometimes I can’t believe the words I’m hearing myself, but we have what we have.”


Kyiv Post regularly reposts some of the most revealing and shocking intercepted conversations.

You can read some of them by clicking on the links below:

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