US House of Representatives Speaker, Mike Johnson, has cited the White House’s lack of a “clear strategy” on how Ukraine can win, as being a key reason why further aid for the war-torn nation could not be shepherded through Congress.

However, less talked about is that there is a Republican plan for Ukrainian victory, released in November, which to this day, is still the only articulated set of measures to correct the weaknesses in the original legislation, and to achieve victory, however House Republicans have seemingly not acted on it.

The “Proposed Plan for Victory in Ukraine” was drafted by the Republican Chairmen of the House Foreign Affairs Committee (Michael McCaul), the House Armed Services Committee (Mike Rogers), and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (Mike Turner), three men with numerous combined years in foreign policy and intelligence matters. It outlines three very reasonable steps to defeating Russia: “(1) providing critical weapons to Ukraine at the speed of relevance, (2) tightening sanctions on the Putin regime, and (3) transferring frozen Russian sovereign assets to Ukraine.” 


Noting that Republicans are demanding the prioritization of “transparency and accountability,” the document points out the 30 audits of Ukraine aid that have been already completed and that the “Inspectors General of DoD, State, and USAID have not identified any significant diversion, theft, or misuse of U.S. assistance to Ukraine.” Continuing that “there are 96 ongoing or planned audits and reports by the IGs of more than 20 different agencies, as well as the Government Accountability Office (GAO), to monitor, audit, and evaluate activities related to the Ukraine response.”

Ukraine Will Receive US Aid, Well-Known Republicans in Kyiv Assure
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Ukraine Will Receive US Aid, Well-Known Republicans in Kyiv Assure

US Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Ukraine must be victorious over Russia. Pompeo sought to assuage fears that a Trump presidency would hurt Ukraine.

The report takes a hardline in criticizing the Biden White House’s slow response in sending assistance to Ukraine, stating that Ukraine needs the “longest-range variant of ATACMS, F-16s, and sufficient quantities of cluster munitions, artillery, air defenses, and armor to make a difference on the battlefield. This delay is costing Ukrainian lives and the American taxpayer” and harshly criticizes the Biden White House for not having taken action to send Ukraine the weapons that it has been requesting for over a year-and-a-half.


Repeating a talking pointed often given by hawkish Republicans, the report notes that “Russia invaded Ukraine a mere six months after Biden’s shameful surrender to the Taliban and humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan,” saying this was because “Putin sensed American weakness and believed he could seize Ukraine without a significant response from the West.”

Despite the document’s call to immediate action, there are few signs that the top House Republican, Speaker Johnson, is ready to implement the recommendations. Earlier last week, Speaker Johnson led a group of about 60 House Republicans to tour the US border with Mexico where he promised that aid for Ukraine would not pass until America’s southern border was “closed and secured.” 

What that exactly means on a given day is subject to debate, despite warnings that Trump era boondoggles, such as the yet unfinished border wall, would be a nonstarter for the Democratic-controlled Senate. 


Democratic House Member, Chris Murphy, lamented in Voice of America that, “"The consequence of Republicans' decision to tie Ukraine funding to [the] border is that the Ukrainians are already at a moment of real crisis.”

As to whether there had been any movement by House Republicans to put together a plan based on the concept paper, Kyiv Post communicated with the press office and his committee of one of the plan’s authors, who suggested that Kyiv Post reach out to House Appropriations Chair, Kay Granger, as the matter rested in that committee.

Despite multiple attempts, Granger's press office could not be reached for comment.

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trumpty dumpty the wonder boy
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i think they are russians trolls making out they are amercan,jack did the nurse forget to bring your medication?trumpty dumpty the one hit wonder boy does not have any chance,remind those extreme right wing republicans what happened on jan 6th,remind everyone republicans went to war based on lies under george bush,they said sadam had weapons of mass destruction when infact none were ever found,the republicans spent many trillions on that war,lied to the whole world and dragged other countries into that war,trumpty dumpty the wonder boy has no chance of being president,the the trumpty dumpty effect has worn off,they wont buy shut the border gate and lets build that wall mantra again,what a sad sorry party that is if they can only find wonder boy trumpty dumpty to run on migrant issues,dont forget to take your medication jack if the nurse does not bring it maybe some weed material will settle you down.
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Trolls are thick on these boards. Say what you want. Looks like DJT will be resuming residence of the White House in 1 year. Biden has lost the publics confidence.
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So when did this place turn into a propaganda site for
Trump lunatics. So tired to read stuff that the " Troll Griffin ".
Obviously copy and paste in every comment.
He is only here to distract. A moron that talk like Trump,
bully like Trump. Lies like Trump.

I say he is an insane person. Just tired of reading his bull.
Joe Biden is the rightful president.
For every accusation the " Troll Griffin " spew, rant and
being rude. Because he can't handle that people don't
agree with him.

As for the so called " Border issue " United States have had
40 years to fix that. You think if Biden agree to give funds to
that. That Ukraine will get funds? No because the Maga Cult,
with speaker Mike Johnson will find a new issue to tie the
funding to Ukraine. The Maga Cult, are traitors and should
be thrown out.

If USA wants to keep on being a democracy it's
time to do the right thing.

Maybe send Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Scott Ritter
and the Fox propaganda etc.
To Russia, so they can live in real
freedom as they claim Russia is.
They are idiots

And just for people who claim that Biden is guilty of
the withdraw from Afghanistan. That is Trumps shitty
deal with the Talibans not Joe Bidens.

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@DM, Exactly. Well summarized.
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@Jack Griffin, ah "jack" the russian paid MAGA / MRGA troll reappears to share his profanity.....and talent at saying nothing useful. Jack want to sell the falsehood that Rump will save Ukraine, when in fact his MAGA cult minions in Congress have said they will never support Ukraine...regardless of any concessions from the duly elected current US president. MAGA leadership will stall Ukraine aid until their soul mate putin gets what he wants, because he in turn helps them get what they want. There are many GOP at least in the Senate who like the majority of Dems want to support Ukraine, but somehow the MAGA minority are able to hold them all hostage.

Meanwhile thank you @Ken Hallett for your reasoned and intelligent response on this and so many other articles.

Also a nod to Hans, who also makes a pragmatic suggestion. As the US gambles with potentially loosing their democracy to a criminally indicted, dissent / insurrection sowing, vengeful and self proclaimed dictator, the EU and all other remaining democratic allies must develop their own military supply chains and powerful defence capability independent of a potentially fickle future USA.

Thanks to all who tie up the time of troll "jack griffin" so he can't run amuck elsewhere.
John Ronning
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From page 27 of the source document:
“October 2023: Shorter-range variants of ATACMS missiles make their battlefield debut by destroying numerous Russian helicopters based in Ukraine. The provision of ATACMS is a positive development, but too few were sent and it took over a year of pressure from Congress, Ukraine, and U.S. allies. Providing these weapons to Ukraine months after its counteroffensive began is emblematic of the administration’s failure to arm Ukraine at the speed of relevance. Moreover, the ATACMS variant provided to Ukraine has a much shorter range than the longer-range variant that a bipartisan coalition in Congress has been calling for (100 miles vs. 190 miles). The longer-range model still must go to Ukraine to target critical Russian military targets in Crimea.”
John Ronning
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While some US aid is being delayed by Congress, it's the kind of aid that dozens of other allies can and have given, so we shouldn't pretend that the recent shortfall is something to blame uniquely on Congress.
But things that the US alone can give, like ATACMS, the document rightly points out Biden could have given more than a year ago, with no need for approval by Congress..
Friends of Ukraine should be urging Biden to give the more than 1000 ATACMS missiles which we have sitting in storage and will never use, with which any target in Crimea can be attacked, Kerch Straits bridge destroyed, make occupation of Crimea untenable - in short, end the war. Ukraine also could have received Abrams tanks and F-16's etc. much sooner, simply by Biden's order.
pootie will loose
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not correct,America does not control the outcome of this war,the war is in Ukraine,it is Ukraines war,western weapons would definatly help but even if Zelensky has to make his own gear then he will,i cannot see anyone in Europe throwing Ukraine under the bus,America would like to think they control the world but they simply do not,Zelensky will find a way no matter what happens,he will send pootie boys butthole into space,never ever write off Ukraine,if trump gets elected America gonna have their own big problems,it wont change what is happening in Ukraine not one one has the right to tell Ukraine what they can and cant do.they are fighting for their survival,it is their war.many countries have also said they will continue with their support of Ukraine,they dont need Americas approval

trump make america go downhill again
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@pootie will loose, anyway how is trump going to go get votes when he will be spending most of his time in courthouses,i really dont think he will get the numbers this time,trump only divided America last time,is he really going to make America great again,i dont think so,good luck too you all if he gets elected
Johnny FD
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Hey Jason, you are completely missing the plot. Steve Bannon is running the show and he’s using about a dozen congressmen to achieve his objective. I like you Jason. I know the power Bannon has because I work for him. There will be no more money for Ukraine. Sad, but true. If Speaker Johnson even tries to pass any CR Bill with Ukraine funding attached he will meet the same fate as his predecessor McCarthy. And very similar to what I told you over the summer, if Trump wins , then Kyiv will be spelled Kiev. You know better than anyone that Europe won’t support Ukraine without US involvement.
pootie has failed
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alot of mumbo jumbo,Ukraine has their own plan and that is to send pooties butthole to mars
pootie is a wanker
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