Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine's Foreign Minister is pinning hopes on Ukraine’s allies agreeing to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense at the NATO-Ukraine Council meeting on Wednesday.

“Ensuring regular supplies of missiles for Patriots, IRIS-T, NASAMS, and other systems is a top priority that must be completed today, not tomorrow,” Kuleba told Politico.

Although dozens were killed, had Ukraine not been able to largely repel a massive Russian aerial bombardment from Dec. 29 to Jan. 5, the results would have been “catastrophic,” Ukraine Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny said.

The mass shelling prompted Ukraine to request the emergency NATO-Ukraine Council meeting, which allies – who condemned the latest shelling in Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine – agreed to hold in Brussels Wednesday.


Since Ukraine’s requested meeting, more Russian missiles reached their targets than usual on Monday – with less than half of the kamikaze drones, ballistic and cruise missiles launched by Russian armed forces being shot down and leading some to fear that Ukraine’s ammunition is already getting lower.

Kuleba said that Kyiv expects the meeting will “expedite critical decisions on further strengthening Ukraine's air defense capabilities. Both in terms of modern systems and their ammunition.”

He also said that an effective air defense in Ukraine reduces the likelihood that “a Russian missile or drone will accidentally fly into bordering NATO airspace.”

Displaced Ukrainians in Australia Uncertain About Future
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Displaced Ukrainians in Australia Uncertain About Future

The Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations (AFUO) is calling on the government to cut out some of the obstacles that it says are making it difficult for Ukrainians to work and get visas.

On Jan. 3, NATO headquarters issued a statement in condemnation of Russia’s bombardment.

“NATO strongly condemns Russia's missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian civilians, cities and towns. This is yet another proof of Putin's attempt to break Ukraine's resilience. He will not succeed.”

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pooty is bunker bandit
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the world sat back and simply forgot about russia taking over Crimea in 2014,it hardly made it into the headlines,that was when pootie broke his peace agreement,that was when the agreement to protect Ukraine was also broken,Ukraine gave up their nukes in return for their protection,the world should have shut pootie down in 2014 in Crimea,if you sit back and watch these conflicts just keep growing,dont make another mistake,stop the pooty boy at Ukraine.its time to clean the dirty dishes
pooty is a looser
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give Zelensky what he needs to end this illegal russian invasion,stop the war criminal putin from targeting innocent civilians,he should not have to be begging you constantly for the right gear,put a stop to putin now,no more special meetings,no more political games,the guy does not need feel good talks he needs to stop his country from being attacked,yep there is trumpty dumpty supporters on here spreading the same old trumpty dumpty garbage,trumpty dumpty is their wonder boy who saved the world,usual extreme right wing stuff,i think they are in the wrong news channel

trumpty dumpty
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trumpy dumpty supporters did this exact same stuff during the last american election,they cut and paste these things and pretty much post them anywhere they can,when you try to prove them wrong they fly off the handle and start crying like a big baby,its the same way the N.RA does their work.

Pedro Alvarez
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@trumpty dumpty, is a piece of shit. Fuck you asshole and eat shit.
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Bureaucrats should never be allowed to fight Wars and make critical decisions in regards to how to fight Wars.
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NATO this is your war and you and the UN security forces should have been militarily backing Ukraine's forces ....IN UKRAINE ...since day one of putin's invasion. The war would never had progressed this far had you done so when Crimes was first stolen by putin. The costs to innocent lives and allied economies would never have escalated so high if you had acted quicker and in a more militarily aggressive manner. Putin's forces and all their tools of destruction would have been stopped at Ukraine's border. That is an embarrassing failure your institutions will now be cited for in history.

The fact is that both NATO and UN organizations (and the EU and USA) still have not gotten their act together to figure out how to sideline saboteur members such as Hungary & Turkey (NATO) and Russia & China (UN Security Council) and MAGA (USA) and Hungary (EU). This indicates that it is now past overdue for an overhaul to any individual or minority tag team's influence during votes. None of these institutes can be be effective in upholding even basic rule of law, if select members of nefarious intent can derail the consensus of the majority.

In the interim please quickly find work arounds to sideline the impact of your problem child members. Do what is right and at least get Ukraine the proper weapons it needs to defeat russia.