Russia’s deputy chairman of the Security Council and former president, Dmitry Medvedev, said on Thursday that those Ukrainian military commanders suspected to be considering hitting missile launch sites inside Russia with Western-supplied long-range missiles run the risk of bringing the end of the world.

Medvedev “did not name the commanders or disclose more details of the alleged plan,” Reuters reported.

“What does this mean?” Medvedev asked on social media. “It means only one thing: They risk running into the action of paragraph 19 of the fundamentals of Russia's state policy in the field of nuclear deterrence.”

“This should be remembered,” Medvedev said.

What also should be remembered is that all nuclear-war-mongering messaging strategized by the Kremlin over the past two years seems to have been assigned to the 58-year-old protégé of President Vladimir Putin, attempting to stoke such fears in multiple sound bytes since the start of the invasion.


As Kyiv Post reported last October, Medvedev, currently the chairman of Putin’s United Russia party, has taken on the role of the “herald of the apocalypse,” announcing more than 50 nuclear warnings over the course of a year. In March of 2023, for example, he issued ten such warnings in a single month, Kyiv Post calculated.

To wit, March 24, 2023: “Every day of the supply of foreign weapons to Ukraine ultimately brings this very nuclear apocalypse closer,” the ex-president said. “This does not mean that it will take place. But the horsemen of the apocalypse are on their way and continue their movement, you can be sure.” 

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Medvedev served as President of the Russian Federation between 2008 and 2012 and acted as Prime Minister between 2012 and 2020.

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david n.
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there will never be another nuclear war, the United States has a space force and antigravity fleet surrounding the planet at all times. Yes, top-secret, or even above top-secret. I have seen videos of these top-secret weapons, shooting down our nuclear warhead's, but only actually dismantling the nuclear part, and allowing the missile to go off course. these type of weapons are only good for playing chess games. They're old-school anybody that uses a threat like that is a bozo clown and knows darn well that the space force above him and I'm talking 100,000 foot aircraft that can hover in place forever. we see every signal on this planet we hear everyone that uses their communication devices. It does not matter if it's satcom encrypted it does not matter of any type. We're here and see everything and we watch you make an ass of yourself and we and we are ready. We will destroy you long, live Ukraine glory to Ukraine, put the love of God in the armor of Jesus says brass plate all over your country, so that nobody may straight down in the future. I spit on you Russian filthy rats or urinate on your grave. I don't care if you lose another 400,000 men it's good to get them out of the gene pool. Have a nice morning I know I am here in southern Florida.
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Meddy is the useful idiot of Putin. His personality is the reincarnation of Baghdad Bob and general Curtis Lemay, who once said “Now’s the time to nuke the chinks”.
Beau bidenish
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Medved loves hearing himself talk. He can only speak when Putin allows it though. Loyal dog Medved. Does Russia truly believe that the Ukraine destroyed all their nukes that were acquired when they split? It would be so easy to squirrel away some of these for just this type of threat.