The UN mission is seeking $3 billion in funding for humanitarian support to Ukraine in 2024, Saviano Abreu, the spokesperson for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, said in an interview with Ukrinform.

"(The level of aid - ed.) went down in Ukraine, but we cannot say there was not enough support. We required $3.9 billion at the beginning of 2023. We are now at about $3 billion funded, where $2.5 billion was given within the humanitarian appeal we have with the organizations in Ukraine – the UN and NGOs, local organizations, and international organizations.," he said.

Abreu highlighted the significance of the funding, considering the challenging global landscape marked by instability and various crises.

"The support to Ukraine is remarkable, and the amount of funding to support people suffering the horrors of the war still meets our expectations," Abreu said.


In 2023, the UN mission initially requested $3.9 billion for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

The funding is crucial not only for addressing the immediate needs of the Ukrainian population but also for supporting individuals in areas currently occupied by Russia.

As per UN reports, more than 14.6 million people in Ukraine are expected to require humanitarian aid in 2024, constituting 40% of the population.

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$3 billion in Ukraine aid seems overly modest given Ukraine's current needs and an organization like the UN. Is russia not contributing its fair share (technically 100%). Maybe the UN can freeze some russian, iranian and north korean assets to reallocate towards the destruction these nations support in Ukraine.

While addressing brewing humanitarian atrocities, how about also ramping up UN aid for the innocent Palestinians being dehumanized presently as a result of the IDF's over the top GAZA destruction / response to Hammas recent terrorism? Maybe UN also has some IRAN, Israeli and USA (which vetoed UN's GAZA humanitarian ceasefire) assets that could be frozen and repurposed for that other human created crisis.

Here's to a future world free from bullies of all sizes.

Jack Andersson
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@John, sorry to burst your bubble. As someone who worked at the UN a long time ago let me assure you the place is a massively corrupt shit hole. To be clear, fuck the UN.
Jack Andersson
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The United Nations is a massive pile of shit. $3 billion dollars to these corrupt motherfuckers? Fuck that! Let’s hope the Great Donald J Trump is elected President and he can defund this clusterfuck and tell them to move to North Korea.