Secretary of State Antony Blinken promised sustained US support for Ukraine in a meeting Tuesday with President Volodymyr Zelensky, despite a row in the US Congress on approving new funding.

“We are determined to sustain our support for Ukraine and we’re working very closely with Congress in order to work to do that. I know our European colleagues will do the same thing,” Blinken told Zelensky as they met at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s national security advisor, joined the meeting and told Zelensky that the United States and its allies were determined “to ensure that Russia fails and Ukraine wins”.

Zelensky thanked the Biden administration and the “bipartisan support” in the US Congress.

“You mentioned about Congress. We really count on your support -- continuing your huge support,” Zelensky said.


He pointed specifically to the US-made Patriot system that has helped Ukraine shoot down barrages of Russian missiles.

“It really helps people to survive this, in this large aggression from Russia,” Zelensky said.

The United States has sent some $44 billion in military aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded in February 2022 and billions more in economic support and assistance to allies.

The Biden administration released a final package at the end of December under the funding approved by Congress.

Members of the rival Republican Party, which controls the House of Representatives, are holding up the assistance in an unrelated dispute as they press for tougher action against migrants entering the United States.

Two Years into Russia-Ukraine War, Negotiations a Distant Prospect
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Two Years into Russia-Ukraine War, Negotiations a Distant Prospect

2024 will be another year of war because Ukraine is determined to keep on fighting to recapture territory, while Putin will only be satisfied with Kyiv's full surrender, analysts and diplomats say.

Some Republicans -- notably Donald Trump, the former president and front-runner to challenge Biden in November elections -- are sceptical of the aid, believing that it is wasteful and that Ukraine is unlikely to make further gains. 

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Comments (4)
Thomas Davis
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Would the Americans be satisfied if 20% of their country was brutally invaded by Russia? I think not. Why suggest that Ukraine do the same? Makes no sense. It is unthinkable. Stop being afraid of Russia. Show solidarity with Ukraine. Stop holding hostage support for Ukraine. Do the right thing Republicans.
vote biden
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has anyone read about american republicans project 2025 on wikipedia,is it real or is it fake maga news?
Solomon Mokey
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Poisoned US generations and their failing democracy, the greatest threat to peace. So divided, unpredictable, and untrustworthy. Ukraine knows it, every soldier here understands the broken security guarantees, they're dying because of it.
When the US, other democracies, the UN fosters an emerging democracy it is not the US model. It's a multi-party parliament system, not a US two-party dictatorship where each ignores their promises and platform to keep themselves in power. When the elected party attempts to do something the opposing party agrees with, that party sabotages it disrespecting the citizenry. It's a statistical improbability both houses can endlessly be exactly divided, so poisoned the gerrymandering system that each manipulates.
Lobbying is called corruption everywhere else and illegal.
Their "free" press is either republican or democrat dispensing with balanced discord, sad "greatest" democracy when you have to leave the borders to get an accurate view of what is going on within them.
Can't resolve the racial divide, can't stop murdering each other including children in schools, can't make mandatory prison for illegal immigrant employers to end border issues because big business agriculture has each dictatorship in it's pocket. Now USA tied the issue who's roots are corruption to Ukrainian citizen's dying for their freedom, they should be ashamed but are too ignorant to recognise their own fallacy.
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If you are an American reading this, I suspect you are here solely to support Ukraine. I say this because I suspect any American not interested in supporting Ukraine would not make the effort to seek out this site or post a comment. Those folks have other prioritizes or other sources for the information they seek. So anyone....anyone..anyone saying they represent an American, with their fake western names, and making comments on this forum unsupportive of Ukraine is assuredly an MRGA russian troll.

That said, the ball is in your court to stop a domestic disaster that plays into Putins hands. The election of his good friend who leads the MAGA movement will in no way be good for Urkraine. This article says the same. Shift your historic party / candidate alliances if necessary to uphold the best of your country's principles. Pick a leader courageous enough to decisively stop putin regime's global crime spree.

Your country is probably the largest democratic nation recipient of global authoritarian regime launched hybrid wars specifically targeted to cause domestic strife in the USA. If you are successful in stopping putin's regime, you will find so much of the disunity, cybercrime and border crisis's your country currently suffers from will fade.

Good luck from your neighbour

Joseph King
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@John, Your last sentence is undoubtedly the truest and most accurate 27 words I have ever read in my 68 years. I can't believe I had not considered that previously. 🤦‍♂️ Thank you for an excellent piece of education; it's greatly appreciated. 👍