The traffic stop at the checkpoint was announced by the press secretary of the Transcarpathian customs control, Viktoria Senhetovskaya in a comment to an Ukrinform correspondent.

“As of this morning, January 18, Romania informed us that in front of the Halmeu-Dyakovo international checkpoint, their farmers blocked the movement of cargo vehicles from Ukraine. Blocking is carried out by large agricultural machinery,” she said.

She said that as a result the current movement of trucks leaving Ukraine is temporarily suspended in order to prevent blocking the passage of passenger vehicles.

It is currently not known for how long border blockade by Romanian farmers will continue.

The Customs Service notes that as of Thursday morning only 10 vehicles from the 607 trucks that were expected to leave Ukraine after registering with the online booking system eCherga.


According to customs officials, over the past day, 138 outgoing vehicles were registered and allowed to leave Ukraine at this checkpoint, and 105 incoming vehicles were registered.

In addition, on Jan. 18, the speaker of the state border service of Ukraine, Andriy Demchenko announced the blocking of checkpoints on the Romanian border through the Porubne and Krasnoilsk crossings.

Prior to that, on Jan. 13-14, it was reported that the movement of Ukrainian trucks through the Siret checkpoint was blocked. And on Jan. 15, the blocking of the point "Vikovu de Sousse" began.

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