Ukrainian forces are constantly working on fortifications, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said on Monday, at a time when Russian troops are pushing in the east.

The statement comes amid some criticism of Ukrainian defense lines after the rapid advances of Russian forces following their capture of the eastern stronghold of Avdiivka. 

“I am confident and know that the Ministry of Defense has an exhaustive plan to create comprehensive lines of fortification,” Shmyhal said at a press conference. 

“Work is carried out on a daily basis, 24/7,” he said.

The Ukrainian government has allocated UAH 20 billion ($500 million) for fortifications this year, he added. 

“This year, the government is even ready to proactively continue to allocate funds... for the construction of powerful fortifications – not only on the first and second lines, but also on the third and, if necessary, the fourth,” Shmyhal said.


In late 2023, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that “mobilizing resources for fortification” was Ukraine’s top priority.

Defense lines are made of trenches, bunkers and anti-tank traps – including pyramid-shaped concrete blocks commonly known as “dragon's teeth.”

Lines far from the front are usually built by civilian contractors.

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Truly this is a setback. One that is Ukraine's allied supporters fault....particularly the USA who for some reason seem unwilling to sideline the putin aligned politicians stalling further immediately critical ammunitions.

Hold tight Ukraine. As Churchill once said the Americans always do war is right after they have exhausted every other options. I don't mean to offend all Americans as probably the great majority of those are just as disturbed as the the allies at the rise of aid stalling MRGA politicians like putinrump.

But lets try to focus on the positives. The UE is bridging the funding gap and the Czech Republic leadership is now stewarding a quick solution to Ukraine's near term artillery shortage.

I've been thinking about a potential benefit to the Ukrainian's falling back from the heavily fortified russian front line. I won't state that here, in case it is actually part of their plan. I'm imagining we could see a lot of deadly karma befalling the orcs shortly.