Chinese and Russian warships have entered Iranian territorial waters for a joint naval exercise with Iran, state media reported Tuesday.

This year's manoeuvres come with Middle East tensions soaring in the face of the Israel-Hamas war that has drawn in Iranian allies around the region, including Yemen's Huthi rebels who have launched a campaign of attacks on commercial shipping in Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, drawing Western reprisals.

"The naval units of China and Russia entered the territorial waters of our country to take part in the combined maritime exercise," Iran's official IRNA news agency reported.

The manoeuvres, aimed at "jointly maintaining regional maritime security", will begin in the Gulf of Oman on Tuesday night, IRNA said, citing their spokesman, Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajoddini.


The Chinese defence ministry said it had sent a destroyer, a frigate and a supply ship to take part in the joint exercise.

Russian state media reported that a detachment of ships from the country's Pacific Fleet, led by the cruiser Varyag, docked in the Iranian port of Chabahar on Monday ahead of the drills.

"The practical part of the exercise will take place in the waters of the Gulf of Oman in the Arabian Sea," Russian news agencies cited the defence ministry as saying.

"The main purpose of the manoeuvres is to work out the safety of maritime economic activity."

The three countries, which have all had difficult relations with the West in recent years, held joint manoeuvres in the same waters in March last year under the name "Security Bond 2023".

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cruiser varyag is lucky that the Ukraines seadrones don't come that far

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@Ukrainska, Thats an interesting thought. One could fit a few of these in a lorry or rail car. Since Russia fires at Ukraine marine vessels and also Ukraine bound cargo ships in international waters (Black Sea). Is there some war rule preventing these from being be deployed somewhere near kaliningrad?

I know the EU member baltic nations may be squeamish to allow launching form their sovereign shores.

However I recall Canada once ceded the Ottawa maternity ward to Holland. This was allow Princess Juliana's 3rd child, Princess Margriet to be born on "Dutch soil" during their families WWII exile. So maybe some more remote part of seafront could be sold to Ukraine for a small token amount.

Or perhaps there is even a barge for sale thereabouts for hosting an offshore 'launch and leave' party? Ukraine could tape russia's invitations on the bow of the sea baby drones?